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TIG Welding Tactics – Which is Much better? Going for walks the Cup Or Freehand

TIG Welding Tactics – Which is Much better? Going for walks the Cup Or Freehand

Walking the cup vs absolutely free hand Tig Welding Approaches explored.

At any time due to the fact I uncovered how to Tig weld pipe, I have heard welders argue back and forth about which welding approach is superior, strolling the cup? Or cost-free hand?

So which welding procedure is greater?

To me the response is straightforward. The two have their place of course. It is really Ford vs Chevy.

You have to have to know how to tig weld using each of these strategies.


Due to the fact there are occasions when strolling the cup is improved, and there are instances when free handing is greater

For fab shop pipe welding, cup strolling operates good and can be incredibly speedy and quick. But what about all the tig welding accomplished on the task site where by there are all sorts of points in your way? That is when the freehand approach regulations.

If you are welding pipe and can wander the cup, then just do it due to the fact there is practically nothing prettier than a tig weld on pipe finished by an ace cup walker. But when the time will come the place you need to have to freehand, you want to be very good at that tig welding strategy far too.

Walking the cup works good on pipe that is about 2 inch and much larger and also on most every single socket welds even as little as 1 inch in diameter.

But for lesser diameter pipe and tubing, no cost hand is the greatest welding approach.

Absolutely free hand tig welding is also required for welding all sorts of matters other than pipe. In actuality, it is applied for basically every thing other than pipe welding whilst going for walks the cup is not very handy for a lot other than pipe welding.

But allows be clear about the phrase “absolutely free handing”. It does not signify keeping the torch with no propping on nearly anything. It simply just usually means that the ceramic cup is not resting on the steel.

The hand is steadied by resting some aspect of the hand towards the metal becoming welded. That’s the only way to be continual ample to make superior exact tig welds.

Making a great searching tig weld usually means being capable to sustain a limited arc. You cannot do that until your hand is steady.