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Car Towed

The Cost of Having Your Car Towed

Car Towed

If you’ve broken down or been involved in an accident, you’ll need to call a tow truck Brisbane for help. Calling a tow truck can be daunting, especially if you’ve heard myths about how much it can cost to have your car towed. There’s no simple way to tell you how much towing costs. But, to help give you a rough idea, we’re going to look at how towing expenses are calculated by tow truck operators in Queensland.

How Much Does it Cost to Tow a Car?

In Queensland, you can expect to pay between $200 and $350 to have your car towed. The cost of towing varies depending on things like distance travelled and the condition of your car. Towing costs are calculated differently, depending on which company you’re dealing with. Some operators charge based solely on the working time and the distance travelled. Other companies charge by the hour. You’ll need to contact your towing company and ask for a quote to get an accurate idea of what they charge.

The Cost of Towing

Modern tow trucks are sophisticated and expensive, with many of them costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maintaining the truck and paying the driver means that the cost of towing is actually very reasonable when compared to the company’s overheads. When issuing quotes, towing companies consider all of the following factors:

  • The type of vehicle. Tow trucks can move all types of vehicles and other objects. The price of towing depends heavily on what you’re moving. For instance, a car or motorbike are simple to move and will cost the least. But heavy trucks and earthmoving equipment often need to be towed with specialist trucks, so those jobs are likely to cost more.
  • Condition of the vehicle. A towing operator may choose to charge more to move a vehicle that has been crashed or is in bad condition. This is typically due to the extra work involved with moving a wrecked vehicle and cleaning up the accident site.
  • Distance travelled. Distance matters in towing. The cost of your towing service will likely include an allowance for how far the tow truck has to carry you, as well as how far they had to travel to reach you. If you’re towing long distances then it’s often more affordable to look for companies that specialise in car transport services.
  • The time of day. Towing operators are often available 24/7, but that doesn’t mean their rates are always the same. You’re likely to pay a premium for towing during the night or on weekends.

How Much Does Accident Towing Cost?

The cost of towing in Queensland is regulated by the Government. The Department of Transport and Main Roads has set maximum towing fees that can be charged to someone who has been involved in an accident. This protects motorists and ensures that towing companies act ethically.

The cost of accident towing is indexed regularly. Currently, the maximum fee for towing after an accident is set at $391.90 in Queensland. That fee covers:

  • 60 minutes of working time at the accident scene to clear debris
  • The time it takes to prepare the vehicle for towing
  • The cost of transporting the vehicle (for the first 50km) to an agreed destination like your mechanic, or;
  • The cost of transporting the vehicle to the operator’s nearest holding yard, and;
  • 72 hours storage in the holding yard

You are always in control of who tows your vehicle after an accident. If a towing operator tries to overcharge you, refuse their services and contact your insurer. They will be able to connect you with a trustworthy towing service.

Who Pays for Towing?

Breaking down or having an accident and needing to call a tow truck Brisbane wide doesn’t need to be daunting. While it’s likely to cost a few hundred dollars, Government regulation means that motorists are largely protected from unethical and unregistered companies.

If you find yourself broken down then it’s usually up to you to pay for towing. Your insurer will be able to connect you with a towing company they trust, but most policies don’t provide coverage for towing expenses. In a collision, the cost of towing is typically paid by the at-fault party. If you’re at fault then your insurer will cover the cost of moving yours and any other vehicles involved. If another driver is at fault then their insurer will be responsible for the cost of towing. The other party’s insurer may arrange to have your vehicle towed up front. Otherwise, you can speak to your own insurer to have your vehicle moved to an assessment centre, and then allow them to sort out the cost with the at-fault driver.