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Reviewers Say These 46 Cheap Home Upgrades Make A HUGE Impact

When it comes to decorating a home, you want to consider your desired aesthetic, functionality, and of course, budget. Amazon has a seemingly endless supply of pillows, storage solutions, and lighting that make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels, without hurting your wallet. I’ve made of list of crowd favorites that are attainable and will make you fall in love with your home again. Check out this list of 46 cheap home upgrades that reviewers say make a huge impact.

Style is subjective and whatever yours is, you can find it on Amazon for less than you expect. Maybe you love the rustic warmth of farmhouse decor. I’ve included some bathroom accessories and peel-and-stick wallpaper that will infuse your home with farmhouse charm without going over budget. These budget-friendly finds are loved by shoppers for their value. Perhaps you prefer something a bit more industrial-looking. Check out the three-tier light fixture I included with matte black steel and caged bulbs that add character and is a total steal. Whatever your style preference, there’s a bargain waiting for you on this list.

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty to make your dream home, I’ve included many DIY options, as well. These low-cost products give you the power to update your home in a major way, on a thrifty budget. From peel-and-stick backsplashes to easy-to-install smart home devices, customers rave about these inexpensive and dynamic solutions.

These products are all highly rated and reviewed, at bargain prices, so you can shop with confidence, in your quest to create your dream home on a budget. Happy shopping!


This Thrifty Broom Holder That Shoppers Love

Is your storage closet overflowing with cleaning supplies? Make your life easier by upgrading your storage for those mops and brooms with this wall-mounted holder. It can be hung high enough so your cleaning supplies don’t sit on the floor gathering dust and grime. This organizer will hold up to five tools and has six additional hooks for hanging towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. At this price, you’ll want a second one to store your sporting equipment or tools.

It has earned nearly 30,000 reviews on Amazon including one that noted, “This lives up to its name! It is very easy to install, holds multiple mops, brooms, etc, and even has several hooks that hinge down, so you can use them or not use them. I am using the hooks to hang my mop pads on them, so now everything is in one place.”


These Dynamic And Inexpensive Food Containers

Reviewers love how affordable these pantry and fridge organizers are, plus how easy they make it to stay tidy. This eight-pack comes with four large and four small drawers to hold condiments, produce, snacks, and more. They’re BPA-free and easy to wipe down — and at $30 they’re a total steal. Plus the transparent design makes it easy to quickly find what you need.

One review: “If you’ve been bit by the Home Edit bug, or love YouTube organizing videos, you know these clear acrylic boxes can cost up to $19 each! So this set of 8 is a good price, and the two sizes really come in handy, I fit 4 small and 3 large in my freezer with one to spare.”


The Magnetic Dry Erase Board That’s A Game-Changer

For the entire family’s sanity, this dry erase calendar is a game-changer. The $9 calendar has earned more than 22,000 reviews for how versatile and useful it is. It magnetizes to your fridge and has ample room to write your schedule, without taking up too much space. The board material is resistant to stains and wipes clean.

One review: “This calendar is exactly what I was looking for. It is large enough that I can write reminders in each day. It is very sturdy and sticks to the fridge beautifully. I have no complaints!”


These Airtight Containers For Updating Your Pantry

Stop drooling over those beautifully organized pantries on your Pinterest and start creating your own with these airtight food containers. Storing your snacks in uniform containers can make your pantry feel elevated without spending a ton of money. This set of 14 containers come in all shapes and sizes, each made of BPA-free plastic. The set includes labels and a liquid chalk marker so you can organize your kitchen.

One review: “The ROLLS ROYCE of food storage! […] The assortment of sizes is a plus, they’re easy to stack one on another and are rather durable. The locking mechanism works well to seal but not difficult like others I’ve tried to open.”


A Low-Price Pan Rack For Better Cabinet Storage

Revamp your kitchen storage and free up some space for cheap with this durable pan rack that reviewers love. With more than 12,000 reviews, the layered unit can be used on its side or standing up to accommodate your cabinet size and store five pans at once. The adjustable design makes it ideal for stashing baking dishes, serving trays, griddles, and more. It’s quick to install and you can’t beat that price.

One review: “This rack is perfect. I put my largest skillet on the bottom and the smallest at the top. I did not secure the rack with the screws that came with […] Even without securing it to the cabinet, it works perfectly and doesn’t shift when I remove a pan.”


These LED Strip Lights With Customizable Options

Custom lighting usually comes with a hefty price tag, but these budget-friendly LED lights add a little bit of flair to any room in your home. This set includes 150 bright LEDs that are remote-controlled and can be set to 26 colors, six lighting modes, and various brightness settings. They have an adhesive back that makes them a breeze to install — so you can skip paying a professional. This 16.4-foot pack is less than $15 and has earned more than 100,000 reviews.

One review: “I love these lights! You can do just about any color and it’s easy to customize and create your own. […] have the lights around my bed so it lights up my entire room.”


A Luxurious Showerhead That Filters The Water

Level up your self-care with this showerhead that delivers a high-pressure stream and filters chemicals out of your water. It has a 15-stage filtration system that removes excess minerals that can create buildup and residue on your skin and hair. It’s made of metal and attaches to most standard showers to inexpensively add a little luxury to your life.

One review: “I could tell a difference in my hair and skin on the first use – the water felt silky without the stickiness that sometimes accompanies soft water. The flow was excellent, and it felt better than the more expensive showerhead it replaced.”


The Surprisingly Affordable Sheets With 200,000 Reviews

Reviewers say these microfiber bedsheets feel so much more expensive than they really are. They’re highly rated with more than 230,000 reviews, many of which noted that the brushed microfiber material is both breathable and soft. This four-piece set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Without breaking the bank, you can upgrade your sleep experience with these ultra-silky sheets that are resistant to fading, stains, and shrinking. Plus, they’re available in 44 colors and patterns.

One reviewer: “I first purchased a set of these sheets about a year and a half ago and have now upgraded all the sheets in my bedrooms all to [these] sheets. They are the softest and most comfortable sheets I have ever slept in. It’s a joy going to bed and snuggling in every night.”


This Budget Air Purifier That Makes A Big Difference

Air purifiers used to be an expensive luxury, but Amazon is home to plenty of affordable alternatives including this highly rated option that’s only $40. It has a four-in-one HEPA filter and UV light that removes airborne contaminants including smoke, food, or pet odors, as well as dust, pollen, and dander.

One review: “I’ve felt healthier and I could tell the first week I was sleeping a little better, as for any odors like my old hockey bag and gear or any food aroma that would be leftover if I ate in the room is no longer noticeable […] this little purifier was 100% worth the price and this room is stink-free!”


The Smart Light Switches To Replace Your Old Ones

Amazon can’t keep these smart light switches from flying off its shelves — reviewers love them. Upgrade your ordinary light switches with these smart ones that connect to your WiFi and smart devices so you can control them from anywhere. This little switch allows you to set timers, schedules, or enable “away mode” to keep your home safer (and smarter) instantly.

One review: “I have these all over my house now. I love them. Easy to connect.”


A 2-Pack Of Smart Outlet Plugs To Enhance Your Home

This smart home Wi-Fi outlet plug works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to connect your home for just $16. Plug anything into these outlets and control lights, appliances, or fans using just your voice or the free accompanying Kasa app. You can automatically turn electronics on and off or set appliances and lights on specific schedules to save money.

The pack has earned more than 70,000 reviews, including one that cited, “I love the ease of the Kasa app and how easy it is to add to [Amazon} Alexa. […] Can’t wait to upgrade my house with more smart products from Kasa.”


These Farmhouse-Style Bathroom Accessories For $20

Give your bathroom a farmhouse chic update (on a budget) with this adorable set of mason jar bathroom accessories. This four-piece set comes with a transparent soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and two apothecary jars for storing Q-tips or cotton balls — all with sleek black tops. It also includes waterproof stickers so you can label the dispenser for your guests.

One review: “These were the perfect accent for my ‘farmhouse’ style remodel of our main bath. The black looks good against the ‘barn wood’ shiplap.”


The Frosted Window Film That Adds Privacy For Less

Here’s a budget-friendly upgrade you can add to your house that will make a huge impact: frosting your windows. Not only does this window film add some extra privacy to your windows or glass doors, but it still allows light to filter in: a win-win. This decorative film relies on static instead of glue so it won’t leave behind any residue.

One review: “This was very easy to apply and looks so pretty once it is up. We decided to install a privacy cling bc we did not want to use curtains in our bathroom and still wanted the natural light to come in. This was the perfect solution.”


This Garage Hardware That Enhances Your Curb Appeal

Give your home’s exterior a refresh for less than $20 with this magnetic decorative garage hardware. This pack comes with four hinges and two handles, enough for a one-car garage. Using magnets, they stick to your garage door to add character and custom detail that’s impactful without being expensive.

One reviewer noted, “This set allowed me to get my dream garage for a few bucks versus installing a brand new door! […] If you are considering paying for an actual door in this style DON’T! These are a serious game changer and will save you hundreds!!! No one will ever know they are fake.”


These Rechargeable Sensor Lights That Are A Steal

The cost of professionally installing lights in your home can be a roadblock for many people, but these rechargeable, slim lights are a thrifty alternative. They have a genius magnetic back, as well as an adhesive option, so you can stick them anywhere. The lights are motion-activated, so they’re ideal for under cabinets, closets, and pantries.

One review: “These are awesome! They look great under our cabinets! Love that they come on when detecting movement and that we can just charge up when needed. The charge seems to last for quite a long time. Haven’t had to recharge yet.”


A Bougie Showerhead That Cost Less Than You Think

Upgrade your shower with this 12-inch high-pressure shower head that will feel like you’ve been whisked away to the spa. This showerhead costs less than $40 and is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It has an 11-inch adjustable arm and optimized shower pressure that feels like you’re getting a massage. The price and ease of installation make this a crowd favorite.

One review: “This shower head is incredible. Talk about a game-changer. […] Don’t overthink this one. BIGGER IS BETTER!!!! This showerhead will make you love your shower again.”


These Blackout Curtains That Come In 25 Colors

If you’re looking for blackout curtains that still look good, this triple-layered curtain pick is for you. In addition to blocking out annoying light, they come in 25 colors and have earned more than 37,000 reviews. The polyester set has a black liner that, even if you choose a light-colored curtain, blocks 90% to 100% of light. Plus you can machine wash them.

One review: “Absolutely worth the money. It’s not a sales gimmick, these really are 100% blackout. So many “blackout” curtains these days are cheap and stiff and more like light filtering, but these are the real deal.”


A $12 Marker That Makes Tile Grout Look Brand New

Give your bathroom an instant facelift without breaking the bank with this crowd favorite tool: a grout pen. Use this $12 marker to simply “color in” the grout between your tiles and wait 30 minutes for it to dry — your walls and floors will look brand new.

One review: “Redid our master bathroom eight years ago and the white grout just never came fully clean after all these years! […] I use this and it’s like a brand new bathroom! Worth every penny, and not so expensive for a quick fix.”


An Economical Garage Hub That’s Super Handy

Installing a new garage door opener can be a pricey update, but this wireless garage hub is simple to use and under budget. It connects to an app on your phone so you can remotely open and shut your garage door. This hub is compatible with a wide variety of garage door openers.

One review: “It was a snap to install and get it working…probably the most seamless and uncomplicated upgrade I have ever done […] I get notifications any time a garage door is opened […] really cool.”


These Push Lights That You Can Stick Anywhere

These battery-powered push lights are Amazon bestsellers for how easy they are to use and install in your home. They instantly upgrade your lighting without spending a fortune. This five-pack is available in warm white or cool white lighting, with different finishes as well. Stick them anywhere with their strong adhesive backs.

One review: “These lights are extremely lightweight, tiny, but powerful! I love that it came in an affordable 5-pack because I can always find another place where I need more light.”


The Magnetic Knife Bar To Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage

Clear off your countertops by adding this magnetic knife bar to your cart. Designed from strong stainless steel, it’s easy to mount to any wall and offers an alternative to butcher blocks that take up space and look bulky. Use it in the kitchen or in the garage to organize your tools.

One review: “LOVE IT. A very good quality product that adds a nice, clean-looking, even professional feel to your kitchen.”


This Useful Box Organizer That’s Under Budget

Long, awkward containers for your foil, plastic wrap, or trash bags can be difficult to store, but reviewers say this box organizer makes it a breeze. The 9-by-9 inch unit is made with steel wires that can hold up to 20 pounds. They assemble without tools to upgrade your pantry storage.

One review: “I love the way I was able to put nearly all of my saran wraps, etc., in this compact organizer. It was easy to put together and has freed up a whole drawer in my kitchen.”


A Knife Sharpener For Easier Food Prep

This knife sharpener will keep your knife set in tip-top condition for years to come — and it only costs $9. It’s small enough to store in a drawer without taking up much space and is designed to be able to keep its hold on the edge of a countertop, which prevents you from accidentally cutting up the counters with knife marks. It even has two stages for sharpening so you can sharpen knives to your liking: fine and coarse.

One review: “This tool will let me stay ahead of dull knives without leaving my kitchen. I also appreciate the small size since this easily fits in a drawer in my small kitchen without any excess storage space. Thanks for a great, inexpensive kitchen tool!”


The Wood Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper For A Rustic Accent

Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and add this farmhouse-inspired peel and stick wallpaper to your home. This wallpaper is described by reviewers as thick and it’s made of PVC so it is built to last. You won’t have to worry about a sticky residue left behind — reviewers vouch for how easily this wallpaper can be removed and re-applied.

One review: “So good!! The design is beautiful, and it’s super easy to apply. […] I was nervous it wouldn’t adhere but it did totally fine! Been about 2 weeks and no issues.”


This 3D Faux Subway Tile For A Low Cost Upgrade

If you’re willing to do a little DIYing, this quick, easy, and affordable peel-and-stick subway tile can completely improve your kitchen’s aesthetic. They’re three-dimensional and mimic real tile laid in a subway-style pattern. The sheets are 12-by-12 inches and come with 10 in a pack. They have an adhesive back, so you can simply peel and stick them on any flat surface.

One review: “I love everything about these tiles! The way they look, the way they feel, the way they are cleaned…it’s all so easy. It looks and feels like real tile.”


The Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks To Let Light In

Let the sun shine in your home by tying back your curtains with these magnetic holders. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also decorative with a modern pearl clasp and metallic weave rope that’s stylish. There are multiple ways to tie back your curtains with this gadget, depending on if you have thick blackout curtains or thin sheer ones.

One review: “Absolutely LOVE. I was worried thinking they were going to be small and that my curtains would be too much for them but they are PERFECT. Very pretty, good quality, and strong magnet. 10/10 would recommend.”


A Pack Of Hanging Closet Shelves For Low-Cost Storage

This two-pack of hanging closet organizers is a budget-friendly way to add more storage where you really need it. Each shelf has three tiers and two hanger hooks that make it easy to put in any existing closet. They’re made of lightweight polyester, which can be machine washed and collapses flat when you’re not using them.

One review: “This is the best quality hanging shelf I’ve ever purchased. I really love that, though lightweight, the shelf has good structure and stability. I LOVE the shelf lips that keep your stuff from just falling out. I think this is the highlight of this product as compared to other hanging shelves. I am very pleased!”


These Velvet Hangers To Refresh Your Closet

Uniform hangers are a small way to bring more structure to your closet — and reviewers love this pack. It comes with 30 velvet hangers that feature a non-slip body and silver hooks. They’re durable enough to hold heavier pieces like suits, jackets, coats, and more and they have earned a stunning 4.8-star review.

This pack has earned more than 121,000 reviews including one that noted, “I decluttered my closet but something was still ‘off’. After seeing recommendations to get a single hanger type to streamline, I dug in and looked at every kind out there. I settled on these slim black and silver hangers and I LOVE them.”


The LED Lights That Upgrade Your TV-Watching

Upgrade movie night with these affordable LED backlights that elevate your TV and viewing experience. They have adhesive backs and wrap around the back of your television (or computer) and feature a 6500k true white color, which can make the colors on your screen richer — and protect your eyes. You can adjust these to your preferred level of brightness.

One review: “I’m obsessed with this product! I’m actually mad I haven’t had this all my life. It looks amazing and fancy lighting up my TV area. […] Worth every penny. It was so easy to install, sticks great even after unpeeling and moving it a little. I will be buying another for my other TV.”


These LED Mirror Lights That Feel Fancy

You’ll feel like you’re ready for your closeup when your mirror is decked out with these affordable lights that glow you right up. These ultra-bright LED lights are a breeze to install with their adhesive backing, and they can be trimmed to size with scissors. They even have a dimmer, so you can control the exact degree of illumination.

One review: “Worth every dime! Couldn’t find bright enough lights for my bathroom, so I turned to Amazon. Perfect solution!!! Very bright, EASY to install, and won’t pull the paint off your walls.”


This Versatile Storage Ottoman That’s Under $40

This storage ottoman combines functionality and style, all for a reasonable price. This is your go-to piece for storing everything from toys to towels and it has a classic design with fastening buttons on top that fits right in with any home decor. The storage chest can support up to 350 pounds and has 80 liters of storage space.

One review: “Beyond impressed with the quality of this! Well worth it for such a great price. Holds children’s toys perfectly.”


An LED Light Bulb You Control With Your Phone

They may look like ordinary lightbulbs, but these smart light bulbs sync to an app, so you can customize the lighting in your home to make it look its best. And don’t worry, it’s only $14. Choose from 16 million colors and eight scene modes — including a sunrise and sunset mode. They’ve earned a 4.7-star rating and the praise of more than 14,000 reviewers.

One review: “Bought one, loved it so much, I bought 3 more. I’m buying one for every light in my house! […] Colors can also flash for parties, and even flash to the sounds of your voice or music.”


This Toilet Paper Holder With A Shelf That’s A Bargain

Who wouldn’t appreciate a shelf, perfectly sized for your phone, in the bathroom? This toilet paper holder with a shelf is an easy and inexpensive improvement that your family and guests will love. The unit holds and dispenses one toilet roll and features a shelf with a ledge that helps prevent your phone from falling off. Made of matte stainless steel, this design is waterproof, rustproof, and resistant to corrosion.

One review: “Great buy… it looks just like the picture and was super easy to install, it literally took seconds to install and it’s beautiful.”


An Easy-To-Install Bidet To Upgrade Your Toilet

After the world scrambled to secure toilet paper in 2020, bidets have become a sought-after, affordable home upgrade. This pick is the reviewers’ favorite with more than 35,000 reviews. It is non-electric, self-cleaning, and simply attaches to a standard two-piece toilet. Made of metal, ceramic, and steel, it looks modern in any bathroom and a shield protects the nozzle when it’s not in use.

One review: “Why the heck did I not buy this years ago?? Where was this that I did not see it?? I mean, I had seen them and heard about them but I thought only the wealthy could afford them and [I] had to purchase with the whole toilet. What a shocker!! I LOVE it!!”


A Wall-Mounted Organizer For Your Hair Tools Under $20

Give all of your hair tools a proper home and keep your counters clear with this bathroom organizer. It’s made of steel, which allows you to safely store tools while they are still hot, and it has three slots to hold your straightener and curling iron, as well as a rounded slot for your blow dryer. You can mount it to the wall easily with the included hardware. Choose from 14 colors.

One review: “Perfect for limited storage space. Does exactly what I needed it to do. I have a curling iron, flat iron, hairdryer, and two brushes in mine. Very sturdy.”


An Industrial Pendant Light That Looks High-End

Elevated lighting solutions can completely transform a space, making it look more expensive and high-end, without spending too much money. This $40 pendant light has three adjustable hanging fixtures with a farmhouse-inspired metal caged bulb. It’s versatile enough to use in your dining room, home office, or even your bedroom.

One review: “ I shopped around at the box stores and hardware stores in my metro area and these were just as good as the ones four times the price. The quality and craftsmanship of these light fixtures are luxurious, to say the least.”


This Chic Faux Fur Rug To Elevate Any Space

This chic faux fur rug feels fancy but is reasonably price to elevate your home’s aesthetic. The plush rug has a high pile and comes in 11 sizes and 19 colors. It has earned more than 24,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.

One review: “I feel much fancier for a great price. Highly recommend.”


A Touchless Soap Dispenser That Shoppers Love

Turn your bathroom into an automated, hotel-inspired space with this soap dispenser that’s battery-powered to automatically work when you put your hand under it. This waterproof design holds 17 ounces of soap and comes in three finishes. It offers a contactless way to wash your hands that looks good and costs less than you think.

One review: “Seriously though, this thing makes you feel disproportionately pampered relative to how much it costs. It truly is fantastic.”


This Low-Cost Dish Rack That Rolls Up Easily

This $12 roll-up dish drying rack fits across your sink and is well worth the money if you ask reviewers. With more than 13,000 reviews, the non-slip racks are durable, resistant to rust, and heat-resistant. Choose from five sizes to fit your sink. When your dishes dry, you can roll up the mat, making it easy to store and freeing up counter space.

One review: “It’s large and can fit multiple dishes. It stores perfectly, and it feels sturdy—I can tell it will last a long time!!! Buy it now! You won’t regret it!”


These Over-The-Door Clear Organizers For Anything

Functional storage can be tricky to find, but this affordable option is loved by shoppers and has earned more than 10,000 reviews. This pack comes with two clear hanging organizers that are 52-by-18-inches in size, and each has 15 clear pockets for storing spices, condiments, snacks, and more. The transparent design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly. It hangs on a standard door and requires no hardware or tools to install.

One review: “Omg! I have cleared up one entire spice shelf in my pantry AND I can easily see them. Great way to store items. […] Best money I have spent on storage in a while.”


The Bargain Cable Clips To Upgrade Your Home Office

This $7 pack of cable clips is the much-needed upgrade your home office deserves and you’ll be shocked at what an impact they make. Now you can keep your tech cords tidy with this pack of 16 clips. Each one features a strong adhesive that easily and securely mounts to desks or walls without compromising these surfaces. This pack has earned more than 34,000 reviews.

One review: “These make a nice difference for cluttered countertops, desks, bedside tables & the car. […] The 16-pack bag was more than I need so far but I know they’ll come in handy.”


A Wood Repair Kit To Make Furniture Look Brand New

Conceal scratches, water, and heat marks on your wood furniture with this repair kit that practically restores it to like-new condition — without spending too much money. The set includes wax crayons as well as markers in a variety of shades ranging from light pine to mahogany, so you can get a perfect match. You can even use this on floors and doorframes to completely transform any wood with wear and tear.

One review: “I am a PERFECTIONIST and not easily satisfied with DIY fixes, but this proved to [be] the best $9 investment of my life!”


The Bedside Caddy To Eliminate Clutter For $8

Clear off that clutter and keep your phone, TV remote, or glasses in this large bedside caddy that’s affordable and will help you stay organized. It slides under your couch cushions or mattress, so you can store your bedtime essentials neatly in one place. It’s a steal of a deal and will make a huge difference — especially for this price. It has three mesh pockets for smaller items and a larger pocket for books, magazines, or your tablet.

One review: “Simple concept and design, but VERY handy. Doesn’t take up any floor space, stays completely out of the way, and holds everything I need.”


This Door Draft Stopper That Will Save You Money

This door draft stopper is an Amazon bestseller with more than 17,000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating. It’s easy to install, plus it can cut down on energy costs by keeping warm air in and cold air out. It slides under the door to create a barrier that blocks airflow, noise, critters, moisture, and even light.

One review: “This little thing is a major problem solver! Easy to adjust, just cut styrofoam to the length of the door, slide into sleeves and slide under the door. […] Blocks out the spotlight that used to shine under my door from the gap in the opening.”


The Impressive Echo Dot That Makes ‘Alexa’ Affordable

With more than 279,000 reviews, the Echo Dot is a crowd-favorite way to bring the power of Alexa to any room. This smart speaker has built-in Alexa and can be used as a hub for your smart home devices to play music, tell you the weather, and set timers. You can even connect it to your appliances or lights to turn them on and off with the sound of your voice.

One review: “OMG I LOOOOOOVE THIS DEVICE. More than I even imagined! I Love that I can ask it to play PAUL SIMON music and I get a beautifully large collection of music played to me. […] That’s part of the charm of this echo ball, is that the sound is extraordinary, sounds luxurious, not cheap at all.”


These Velvet Throw Pillows To Revamp Your Space

Looking for an upgrade that will wow guests without hurting your wallet? This two-pack of pillow covers will revamp your living room or bedroom decor for less than $20. Made of smooth velvet, they’re soft, cozy, and feature an invisible zipper that securely holds the inner pillow in place, plus each edge is sewed with pom-poms. They are available in seven sizes and 23 colors, such as khaki, light blue, and orange, so you can mix and match as you wish.

One review: “These are so expensive looking! They feel amazing, easier zipper access and they look so nice! Will def order again!”