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Less Is Sometimes More: A Simple BMW 2002

Less Is Sometimes More: A Simple BMW 2002

The BMW 1600 was an evolution of the Neue Klasse series, acquiring revamped styling from Georg Bertram and Manfred Rennen in-household at BMW in the mid-1960s.

The new design and style was to be shorter and more cost-effective than the sedans it was based mostly on and would go on becoming sold by way of the overall 02 collection manufacturing operate. These less difficult, lighter automobiles been given slightly enlarged M10 inline-4 engines around time, going up from the original 1,573cc to a turbocharged 1,990cc power plant in their most potent specification by 1973.


This is no 2002 Turbo, nevertheless. The car or truck I drove a couple weekends ago – owned by my mate Darius – is equipped with the typical 2.-liter mill paired with a 4-pace manual gearbox.


It is a very slow motor vehicle by today’s expectations, and even in 1974 when this example was sold new 99 horsepower wasn’t seriously a lot to compose home about.


No true modifications have been made possibly the motor vehicle still has its factory one Weber carburetor, rather unsupportive bucket seats, squishy inventory springs, little 13-inch wheels, and tires with thick sidewalls. The only issue Darius has finished further than routine upkeep is set up polyurethane suspension bushings.

Nonetheless, wheeling around in this old machine was so considerably more exciting than I imagined it could be.


Just place, BMW chassis are great, even types designed 50 years in the past. Now, in 2022 — amidst the deep sea of insanely modified cars, out of regulate wait times for excellent elements, awareness-in search of social media builds, and skyrocketing selling prices on classic vehicles — this is your pleasant reminder that at times much less is a lot more. Basic auto ownership doesn’t have to have to break your wallet, and there’s so considerably joy to be uncovered in a straightforward car like a inventory BMW 02.


The suspension is compliant and consumer helpful, the open up differential makes sure you can not make a high priced error in an unfamiliar car or truck — though a confined-slip unit would be good — and the engine was astonishingly responsive close to 4,000rpm. Sliding around in the cabin with the home windows down would make you sense like you are heading considerably a lot quicker than you truly are.

Still, the soft car was unbelievably comfortable as it briskly made its way over the undulating surfaces on California’s slender backroads and winding highways.


It’s a vintage motor vehicle that you can reside with, a automobile that you can get groceries in, a auto that you can acquire on a street trip, and a car you can hearth up at night time to blow off some steam on your favorite street.


Darius has completed exactly this during his time with the vehicle, but with his very first child on the way it’s time for the 2002 to move on. “I just simply cannot be that dad with four undertaking cars and trucks and a newborn little one.”

Not that the 2002 is a undertaking, but you get the place. Darius is a accountable person, and if I was even a hair much less dependable than I am, the 2002 would already be mine. Oh nicely – alternatively, it’s likely up on Provide a Trailer soon.

Godspeed, little 2002.

Trevor Ryan
Instagram: trevornotryan