Large Bench Press – The Countdown Bench Press Training

Large Bench Press – The Countdown Bench Press Training

Bench Press Countdown Workout

This is a bench push exercise session that my instruction spouse and I employed prior to the 2008 British Bench Push Championship the place I benched 225kg uncooked. This was my most significant at any time uncooked benchand I proved to myself that my teaching concepts labored.

The work out is composed of four exercise sessions in a 10 day time period. The particular person sessions alternate as follows:

  1. Heavybench push and help.
  2. Large squat and speed deadlift.
  3. Velocity bench press and help.
  4. Speed squat and weighty deadlift.

The 10 day cycle is a mini cycle of exercise routines within a much larger cycle that operates for 30 days and this much larger cycle is element of an even much larger cycle that runs for 90 times. After in the 30 day time period a one 1 rep maximum push was attempted to calculate development. Each 30 working day cycle concentrates on a precise bench support piece of devices e.g bands or chains. Prior to commencing this training routine my coaching lover and I both of those benched our 1 rep max so we could estimate pounds percentages. My 1 rep greatest was 195kg. We experienced three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Shoulders were educated hard and hefty on the pace day.

The routines are as follows:


  • Underneath the column pounds I have penned the % of my 1 rep max for the flat benchonly. This determine is approximate and is rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 kilogram jump.
  • On the days not stated e.g. the Wednesday of the initial 10 day cycle I am education squat and deadlift.
  • All shut grip presses are decreased to a 3 board peak.
  • On significant bench working day I generally do near grip press as perfectly.
  • Heat up thoroughly prior to workout together with warming up on the particular work out.
  • All exercise routines are finished using wrist wraps only.

1st 30 Working day Cycle

Monday Flat Bench Push 5 sets 5 reps @ 160kg (80%) Friday Velocity Bench Press 8 sets 3 reps @ 100kg (50%) Wednesday Flat Bench Push 8 sets 3 reps @ 175kg (90%) Monday Speed Bench Push 12 sets 2 reps @ 100kg (50%) Friday Flat Bench Push 3 sets 1rep @ 200kg MAX. Wednesday Speed Bench Press 12 sets 2 reps @ 100kg (50%)

On the heavy bench training working day I total 2 upper body support exercises and 3 tricep assistance workout routines. The workout routines are from the following lists but the checklist is not exhaustive and other physical exercises can be additional:

Bench Guidance Incline Press Drop Push Flat, Incline, Drop Flyes Pec Dec Flye Flooring Press

Tricep Guidance Close Grip Press Skull Crushers / Kettlebell / Barbell Tricep Pressdown Dips Rack Lockouts

This cycle is now recurring for the second 30 working day cycle only now in its place of just plainpressing I launched BANDS. I made use of medium blue woody bands which insert about 20kg onto the bar pounds at the leading of the movement indicating an ’empty’ bar now weighed 40kg. My 1 rep max experienced now greater to 200kg so all calculations now have to be labored out on this new pounds, however, owing to the introduction of the bands I really reduced the bar body weight by 10kg! Bands ended up made use of for the two velocity and weighty times.

At the close of the second 30 working day cycle we again tested our 1 rep max bench in order to work out what bar body weight we necessary for our third and final cycle. My 1 rep max had now enhanced to 205kg and I was emotion pretty solid and pleased I experienced damaged the 200kg barrier.

The third cycle recurring the former two only alternatively of bands we launched CHAINS. To each and every facet of the bar I included 17.5kg in chain bodyweight meaning an ’empty’ bar now weighted 55kg. My 1 rep max had now increased to 205kg so I experienced to recalculate my workout percentages to choose this into account. Chains had been made use of for the two velocity and significant times.

Finally, at the conclude of this cycle I tested my 1 rep max all over again and managed to bench 210kg. The most I experienced ever managed devoid of putting on a professional devices. I was clearly delighted with the end result and the two my instruction spouse and I experienced under no circumstances felt much better. I now rested thoroughly for 2 months, not education even the moment during this time period. Then on the Saturday I competed in the British Championship and benched 225kg which surprised me as this was 15kg about my past ideal which reveals how vital rest and nourishment is inside a schooling schedule.

Summary Bands and chains glimpse complicated and are generally difficult to handle but persistence can offer you wonderful gains in return. Explosive ability off the upper body is significantly increased driving you as a result of preceding sticking factors. Instruction only ‘heavy’ after each individual 10 times authorized the muscle tissues to entirely recover and I felt refreshing for each and every exercise. Speed teaching increased the explosive energy even a lot more and allowed me to bench push a lot quicker even on the significant days.

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