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Kevin Walthall Street trees and superior velocity online for Bremerton

I hope y’all are all being cool out there. Here’s some positive standpoint: it could be worse.

Very last week’s “heat dome” weather reminds me of Texas, besides in Texas we really do not contact it a heat dome, we just phone it “summer.” Fortunately Kitsap has been spared the Texas humidity that turns the air into a sticky mosquito soup. That humid air doesn’t get great in the shade, and Texas breezes are just the state attempting to suffocate you with a dank pillow. Add Dallas or Houston smog to the soup for subtle tasting notes of Exxon-Mobile byproduct. Yum.

Kevin Walthall

Think you can escape the warmth in a Texas lake like you can a Kitsap lake? For a excellent/horrible time, Google “cottonmouth snakes.” Or “alligator gar,” a Cretaceous-era Satan-fish inexplicably still dwelling in the tepid brown swimming pools Texans simply call “lakes.”

So it isn’t all lousy. You can thank your blessed stars you are not in Texas.

With the heat wave providing a scary glimpse of our weather improve upcoming, it would seem like a good time to imagine about streets constructed for warmth waves and telecommuting.

That’s suitable. Another posting about comprehensive streets. 

Full streets are streets designed for everybody. Large sidewalks, bike lanes or shared lanes, bus pull-outs, and ADA ramps are popular characteristics of comprehensive streets.

They’re typically showcase streets, beautiful boulevards with landscaping and general public artwork. They aren’t just applications for receiving from A to B, they’re nice sites to be, destinations in their personal right. They catch the attention of investment decision and redevelopment. They give people transportation solutions outdoors the motor vehicle. Entire streets are valuable to the folks who reside subsequent to them.