Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck Fleet Completes 5 Million KM

Hyundai XCIENT gas cell truck fleet in Switzerland has accomplished 5 million km in 2 several years. Setting up in 2020, the organization exported 47 models of the hydrogen-driven, zero-emission business vans to 23 Swiss corporations, which are utilizing them for logistics, distribution and supermarket success.

Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell Truck Fleet 5 Million Km

The Hyundai XCIENT Gasoline Mobile is outfitted with a 180-kW hydrogen fuel cell procedure with two 90-kW fuel cell stacks. The system’s durability and the vehicle’s over-all gas efficiency are tailored to the needs of business fleet consumers.

The 350-kW e-motor with maximum torque of 2,237 Nm permits dynamic driving efficiency. Its 7 substantial hydrogen tanks offer a combined storage potential of about 31 kg of gasoline, though a 72-kWh-run established of three batteries supports the efficiency. The driving assortment is more than 400 km for every charge in genuine planet ailments. Refueling a total tank of hydrogen normally takes about 8 to 20 minutes, based on the ambient temperature.

Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell

In 2019 Hyundai Motor proven Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM) in partnership with Swiss firm H2 Electricity which partnered with H2 Mobility Switzerland Association, a hydrogen fueling network builder and XCIENT buyer, and inexperienced hydrogen manufacturing company Hydrospider.

In August 2022, Hyundai Motor introduced its thriving entry into Germany with 7 area businesses planning to deploy XCIENT Gasoline Cell vans into fleet services with the German government’s funding for an eco-pleasant industrial car or truck initiative.