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Garage Door Openers – Reviewed

Garage Door Openers – Reviewed

Class is now in session….

There are several sorts of garage doorway openers out there, so which 1 is suitable for you?? The to start with detail you have to notice, is that garage door openers are not a one particular dimension fits all application. Garage doorway openers are made to purpose better if its on the ideal style of door, most of our repairs are finished on devices that are either set up mistaken or the opener is on the wrong style of doorway, and in a ton of instances just a lower good quality opener.

Now so considerably I have made use of the phrases “opener” and “device” both have the same that means, they refer to the entire mechanized procedure so when I say “opener” I’m not referring to the handheld system in your car…that’s named a “remote control” or just “distant”. With that getting reported there are numerous styles of garage door openers on the sector.. there are screw-drives, there are chain-drives there are belt-drives and past but not the very least immediate-drives generally referred to as “Jackshafts”. But lets consider them just one at a time and begin with…


These equipment have been preferred (not always fantastic) on all varieties of doors for the superior portion of 45 years but…due to the fact of their design and style they do have to have regular upkeep. Back in the late 6Os,7Os and early 8Os, Genie made use of a very resilient metal in the “carriage” or “trolley” and the equipment had been tricky! Even devoid of grease on the screw they would run for what seemed like without end then they switched to a lighter quality steel and all that went downhill, the openers would nevertheless go as long as any out there provided you regularly greased the screw but who ever does that!! So the common existence of the Genie screw-travel trolley was about 4-5 a long time and which is currently being generous, Liftmaster or Chamberlain or Craftsman,all designed by the similar mfg…(Chamberlain) also has a screw-drive and it has the same trouble so to counter that they use a plastic internal trolley and a self lubricating housing all-around the screw to maintain the heat and use down, but the self lubricating housing definitely only lasts about a yr..or the equivalent of your warranty then its again to the identical ol,same ol,”grease-grease-grease”. My formal belief on screw-drives is…keep absent from them, they are previous technological know-how with a new seem to them.

Chain Drives

This style of equipment has been all-around for as prolonged as screwdrives give or consider 5yrs and they have occur together way. Chain-drives have usually been quite long lasting machines but caught a bit of a terrible rap when Sears started selling a do-it-your self model from Chamberlain known as the Craftsman, now this device, although named a “chain-push” was driven by a chain on a person side and a cable on the other and it seemed like almost nothing could be accomplished to make this detail silent since the cable would stretch until it broke at the loop. So from then on the chain-drives started having a negative rap as a “espresso-grinder” or noisy machine, although it was not a genuine chain-push.

The Liftmaster 1300 series of chain-drives…dollar for greenback are as good a machine as you can get, they are versatile, in that they can cope with any type of doorway from significant wood to gentle metal, one-piece or sectional and they are strong and economical and rather talking…lower upkeep, but to get to this position they have had many good advancements alongside the way. Chamberlain has additional a chain spreader which retains the chain from slapping the rail,swapped the front sprocket to a pulley drastically lessening chain noise, they switched out the metal worm equipment to a nylon worm gear inside the situation to lessen heat on the helical gear and they eliminated the two rigidity springs off the inner trolley to reduce door bounce and its a reliable one particular piece rail with a full wrap all over chain.

The elements on this equipment can manage what the motor puts out, so in most scenarios you do not have to have a 1/2 hp to lift the door, and as much as program servicing goes..there is certainly almost none, just have the two nylon gears within the motor scenario lubed every 7 yrs and which is about it, in the rare case wherever you transpire to own a house proper on the beach and only use the opener in the summer season then you can spray the chain with a good silicone to maintain the back links on the chain absolutely free. The two versions I favor that have been authentic do the job horses for us in excess of the previous two decades are now known as #1346=1/3 hp and #1356=1/2 hp.


Many producers make belt-drives these days but I like to adhere with the most reputable model which to me is Liftmaster, we carry most brand names but choose to offer with the model with the minimum amount of money of complications so lets target on Liftmaster belt-drives for now. Retain in brain that belt-travel openers are a Incredibly doorway particular machine, they do NOT perform on 1personal computer doors very perfectly or for really prolonged and should really NOT be installed on a 1laptop door. To maintain it straightforward there are two varieties of belt-drives…AC and DC.

The AC model belt-drive recognised as a system I, is a person of the early design belt-generate styles and in essence its a chain-travel motorhead that’s driving a belt in its place of chain. It is minutely quieter than a chain-push minus the ability and to me… not a excellent device, but an easy a single to market simply because its cheaper than a DC product and the basic general public isn’t going to know the distinction, they just know belt-drives are intended to be top rated of the line and this is a belt-drive, so they are none the wiser to the tips, sellers can acquire these types of machines considerably more cost-effective than their DC motor counterparts and promote them for the belt-drive (quality) price tag. What can make a “DC motor” belt-drive quiet is the motor! In any other case why would they even supply it in DC, in addition the other profit is being ready to have a battery back again-up attached so it will run even with the ability turned off.

In its easiest sort a DC motor places out more torque than an AC motor and the horsepower for DC is rated in “Newtons” somewhat than HP but the DC motors also have a “gradual get started/gradual stop” feature which helps keep the whole operation tranquil. When an AC motor machine is activated it goes O-60 or need to I say “O to total pace” in just one shot…the next you drive the button, but the doorway on the other hand is not on the exact site and needs to resist the sudden drive and that’s exactly where a whole lot of the noise arrives from..basically its the jerky-ness of the door resisting the opener, where as the slow start out of the DC machines act as a smoother motivator for the doorway to get it going without all the jerky-ness, and it does the identical as it arrives to a stop, so for the very first two inches and at the previous two inches it slows down, enormously lowering the clanky-ness of the full operation.

The DC machines also electronically calibrate the pressure desired to operate a door based on its resistance and weight,

which leaves very little room for installer mistake, in other terms the installer can not set the device to crush your auto hood or your cat, AC motors are at the mercy of the installer, if he sets the pressure adjustment also superior, it crushes, if he sets it too lower the door will bounce back again up on a cold or moist early morning though you are fortunately driving off to work not understanding your garage door will be open all working day and that model spankin’ new Craftsman instrument box you just received for your birthday is about to be marketed for a fraction of the selling price its really worth at the area swap meet….all mainly because you imagined you acquired a belt-generate garage doorway opener for a bargain rate!! Remaining feelings…AC motor belt-drives= not fantastic (far better off with a chain-drive) DC motor belt-drives=Incredibly superior, very peaceful, but really door certain. (Only will work on a sectional door)

Jack-Shaft (Direct Travel)

This section is easy since there is practically only 1 available and its a Liftmaster # 3800, and it will only work on sectional doors. So for these of you looking for a device that does not mount to the ceiling like a regular device does, the Liftmaster #3800 could possibly just be what you might be searching for, its silent, has (800 Newtons) or the equal of 3/4 hp and mounts on possibly stop of the torsion tube delivered you have atleast 10 inches of facet clearance, so the thought behind this opener is that if you have a room above the garage, it gets rid of fully… the vibration of a normal opener that hangs off the ceiling, or if you have a minimal beam in the garage that supports the next tale of your household or have had a loft or storage shelving put in in which a regular opener would be mounted you could still automate your doorway employing this variety of equipment.

It can also be applied on applications wherever you just simply really don’t want an opener hanging down in the middle of your garage.I have discovered around the a long time that the #3800 likes the heavier sectional doorways vs the light non-insulated models, a further profit of this kind of machine is that it will elevate a sectional doorway up to 13 toes superior with no modifications when a ordinary device only lifts doorways up to 7’4″ with a ordinary railed machine you would have to have to get a for a longer period rail to accommodate the additional top of say an 8′–9′ or 10 ft large opening which is becoming extra prevalent in more recent residences.The Liftmaster #3800 has been a really responsible different for us due to the fact 2004.

All people enjoys selections, but provided the actuality that when it arrives to garage doorway openers there actually are so many choices that it also will make it incredibly straightforward to make the improper decision for your certain garage doorway which could lead to lots of long term support calls and repairs so ideally this can obvious up a number of items for you when it comes to selecting the right device and you will have many “excellent” ups and downs with the proper method.