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Frost Mage Leveling Build for Cataclysm

Frost Mage Leveling Build for Cataclysm

A Mage is an iconic class in World of Warcraft, and has possibly the highest DPS output in endgame raids, but you won’t be getting in there anytime soon without an appropriate Frost Mage Leveling Build For Cataclysm. All of the specs have some potential for leveling, but Frost is definitely the most powerful Mage Leveling Spec. However, many players don’t really know how to unlock the power of the Frost Mage. Read on, and you will learn exactly how to do that.

Why Choose a Frost Mage Leveling Build?

Ok, with Frost, you definitely are not going to be seeing the kind of numbers that Fire will put out. Fire has some amazing Crit and outright Firepower, no pun intended. However, what Frost brings to the leveling mage, is consistency, efficiency, and survivability. As far as what talents to choose, you basically want them all, except Reactive Barrier. Just don’t take a talent in your Frost Mage Leveling Build that augments an ability you don’t have yet. Be smart about it. Your Water Elemental Pet adds some significant damage, an extra targetable freeze, and some extra aggro control to take the edge off. Ice Barrier is an amazing talent that increases your survivability significantly, and with replenishment from Frostbolts, Mana Gems, and Evocation, you should never be low on mana. You should also Glyph Evocation for the added heal.

Strategy for a Frost Mage Leveling Build

Your single Target damage is actually pretty competitive with other specs, especially when you send your pet in first. However where a Frost Mage Levelng Build really shines, is the ability to AoE Mass pull. Essentially you will want to pull a large group of Melee mobs, Frost Nova to freeze them, and blink away immediately. Keep your Water Elemental on Passive for this. Its aggro can screw up your pulls. As soon as you’re away, use Blizzard to AoE them down, and have your Elemental’s Freeze ready. As soon as your attackers get in melee range, Cone of Cold, freeze them with your Elemental, run and repeat the process until they’re all dead. If you get this Frost Mage Leveling Build Strategy down, you can be able to pull 15-20 mobs without taking a scratch. But start small, and slowly increase your pull sizes until you’re comfortable. Also, try to avoid casters, and Counterspell them if you happen to pull one.

Gearing up for a Frost Mage Leveling Build

Cloth gear is primarily going to have 3 stats on it: Intellect, Stamina, and Spirit. You want most Intellect for Mana, Damage, and Mana regen from Replenishment. Stamina, obviously is going to be important because you may be taking damage from mass pulls in your Frost Mage Leveling Build, and you want to survive. Cap out Hit so you don’t miss any of your Freeze or Crowd Control spells. You only need 4% though, so don’t go overboard on hit. Crit for a Frost Mage Leveling Build is actually multiplied times 3 against frozen targets, so if you get more than 33% crit, you actually crit 100% of the time against frozen targets. This stat is extremely powerful for Frost mages. Haste is also a great stat since you can put out more Frost Bolts for Mana Regen and quicker channeling time on Blizzard. Overall, Haste will speed up the leveling process significantly.