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Driver crashes just after yelling at demonstrators

ROCKLAND — A driver who was yelling at anti-abortion protesters in Rockland dropped manage of her motor vehicle and smashed into a van owned by the protesters.

In accordance to Rockland police, there was a peaceful demonstration in opposition to abortion on Most important Avenue close to the Maine Condition Ferry Terminal shortly just after 6 p.m. June 18.

A feminine juvenile from Hope was driving a automobile heading north on Principal Road and yelled out the window at the protesters, The driver was distracted even though she was yelling and crashed into the back again of the protester’s parked van.

Rockland law enforcement say the juvenile, who was a accredited driver, mistakenly considered the protest was towards homosexuals. Rockland Law enforcement Sgt. Andrew Redden stated the responding officer did not issue the driver a ticket but talked with her at length to teach her about driving protection.

The van was owned by Mark Cowperthwaite.

An individual was videotaping the demonstration and captured the second when the juvenile was yelling out the window. The crash could be heard off camera.

The guy who was preaching posted a assertion on YouTube June 20.

“Open air preaching in Rockland, Maine I started preaching and within 15 minutes there was a girl in a vehicle screaming at my daughters for the reason that of their Gospel indicators (Romans 6:23 and John 3:3) and building obscene gestures. A 2nd afterwards we listened to the crash.

“And following acquiring our only car or truck for our family wrecked, I did the only thing I wished to do. I preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s our only car or truck and it is heading to charge us a lot to replace, but it’s just a van, a rolling pile of steel and glass and rubber. The Gospel likely forth is much more vital than a van,” the submit stated.

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