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Driven: The 2023 Kia Telluride X-Pro Moves the Needle Slightly

Is the X-Professional gon’ give it to ya off-road?

Most of our time was used guiding the wheel of the X-Pro in SX Prestige guise, which is in essence the most totally loaded Telluride you can get with a price tag that strategies north of $55,000. It is really best to think of the X-Line as an appearance package (not to be confused with the just about too equally named X-Pro design), as it comes with a distinct front grille, roof rails and 20-inch alloy wheels.

The two trims arrive with a .4-inch maximize in floor clearance, but that only will increase solution and departure angles by .7 and .6 degrees, respectively. That just isn’t sufficient to get the Telluride more than any obstructions you shouldn’t be attempting in this automobile anyway, and the X-Line’s 20-inch wheels arrive shod in the exact all-period tires as the standard versions. Kia states the traction handle has been modified for both equally variants, but it was now really very good. In addition, if you choose for all-wheel generate, the Telluride arrives with a locking middle differential anyway.

Only the X-Professional provides any tangible attain in off-street overall performance, thanks to its all-terrain tires that give it some more grip. But on the light off-highway training course we put the Telluride via, I didn’t encounter something the conventional Telluride wouldn’t have been able to do just as very well. For any form of hearth highway or dust path leading to a campsite, an all-wheel-drive Telluride (X’d up or not) stays much more than certified.