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BMW: “Thermal Engine Vehicle Interdiction is Extremely Dangerous”

Oliver Zipse, the head of the BMW Group, believes that the feasible ban on the sale of autos with regular engines “is incredibly dangerous”. He points out that these types of a decision will make the purchase of a new auto more complicated and restrictive.

It is no extended a top secret that most companies are getting ready for the era of electrical autos. From 2030, most models, together with BMW, will have only electric powered or hydrogen-driven cars in their product assortment. The manufacturers’ plans foresee a total ban on the sale of new cars and trucks with vintage engines in the European Union from 2035.

Nevertheless, there are also uncertainties about the accelerated changeover to electrical cars. A short while ago, Oliver Zipse, the head of the BMW Group, said that the ban on automobiles with thermal engines signifies a danger for the automotive market. In his belief, future autos would be economical only for people with higher incomes.

“We really do not want automobiles to be out of achieve for very low-income persons,” he said. “Politically, this is really risky. If you instantly make vehicle possession cost-effective only for the loaded, it’s dangerous.”

Zipse also said BMW supports the shift to electrical vehicles, but expressed issue about location a day to ban combustion engine autos.

Such a choice would power lots of drivers to “drive aged cars”, as he himself claims.
In summary, the head of the Bavarian group also claimed that “there is no signal” that thermal engines will develop into obsolete in the following 15 decades.