Before They Were Well known – Best 10 Celebrity Lorry Drivers

Before They Were Well known – Best 10 Celebrity Lorry Drivers

Actors, athletes and mass murderers – it takes all types to travel lorries. With short particulars of their involvement in the trade and subsequent movie star, here is a countdown of the prime 10 stars who worked as lorry drivers before they have been well-known, with varying degrees of results.

# 10 Chris Tarrant:

This radio and tv presenter, greatest recognised for internet hosting the Television set match clearly show ‘Who Needs to Be a Millionaire?’, pursued a selection of employment ahead of acquiring his feet in television. Tarrant’s former roles contain lengthy-distance lorry driver, stability officer and schoolteacher.

# 9 Chris Eubank:

Chris Eubank is notable for getting the only member of our list to have taken up lorry driving immediately after he come to be famed. October 2003 noticed a politically enthusiastic Eubank descending on Whitehall in his personal HGV to protest from the war in Iraq. The former earth middleweight winner boxer ended up becoming arrested for blocking the entrance gates to Downing Road, driving close to Parliament Square sounding his horn, with a knife in his pocket, and reversing into a supply van.

# 8 Rock Hudson:

Hudson was a well known American movie and television actor and a intimate primary person in the 1950s and 1960s. Through WW II, Hudson served as a Navy airplane mechanic and following the war he was a truck driver. His dimensions and excellent seems to be bought him into films.

# 7 Chevy Chase:

Our quantity 7 is an Emmy Award-successful American comic, author, and television and movie actor. Right before his breakthrough as a comedian, Chase labored as a truck driver, cab driver, motorbike messenger, waiter, busboy, design employee, audio engineer, create manager in a supermarket, salesman in a wine retail outlet and theatre usher.

# 6 Lengthy Length Clara:

The only female on our checklist and, unfortunately, fictional, juggernaut-driving Clara was the star of 80s kid’s cartoon ‘Pigeon Street’. Some see Long Distance Clara as an unsung feminist icon – her relationship to chef Hugo demonstrated a refreshing reversal of gender stereotypes.

# 5 Charles Bronson:

Charles Bronson was an American actor of ‘tough guy’ roles who designed his name starring in a number of important Hollywood flicks like ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘The Soiled Dozen’. Ahead of getting to be famous, Bronson was drafted into the army and was assigned to the Air Corps in 1943. He started out as a truck driver and then trained as a pilot, winning awards for fantastic company.

# 4 Richard Pryor:

Pryor was the very first African American stand-up comedian to converse candidly to combined audiences using the language and jokes of the black group. He labored in several work prior to locating fame, like truck driving and meatpacking.

# 3 Liam Neeson:

Liam Neeson is a movie star most effectively acknowledged for his part as Oskar Schindler in the 1993 blockbuster ‘Schindler’s List’. Irish-born Neeson when worked as a truck driver as perfectly as a forklift operator for Guinness, an assistant architect and an amateur boxer.

# 2 Sean Connery:

This retired Scottish actor is very best acknowledged for starring as James Bond in seven Bond movies. Coronary heart-throb Connery joined the Royal Navy right after leaving university but was discharged on health care grounds. He went on to a succession of employment, together with lorry driver, labourer and lifeguard.

# 1 Elvis Presley:

The American singer, musician, actor and cultural icon took up truck driving as 1 of his work soon after graduation. The future ‘King’ drove a truck for the aptly named ‘Crown Electrical Company’. Presley even took up sporting his hair for a longer period with a ‘ducktail’ – the design and style of truck drivers at the time. A musician for whom a younger Elvis Presley auditioned advised him to ‘Stick to driving a truck, since you may by no means make it as a singer’.

The Mass Assassin – Peter Sutcliffe:

Fairly quite possibly the most evil and deranged presence in the historical past of lorry driving, the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ is significantly also terrible to make it into our major 10. Concerning 1975 and 1984, this lorry driver and former gravedigger killed 13 gals in a five-calendar year reign of terror prior to currently being sentenced to a minimum of 30 a long time in jail. On his arrest, Sutcliffe claimed that God experienced instructed him to go out and eliminate prostitutes. A unfortunate blemish on the great name of lorry driving.

Superstars who were being lorry motorists right before they were popular – a heady combination of the gifted, the eccentric, the disagreeable and the downright excellent. Who is aware what magical creatures are sitting behind the wheels of our country’s lorries now?