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Analyzing the Previous Stanza of Robert Frost’s The Street Not Taken

Analyzing the Previous Stanza of Robert Frost’s The Street Not Taken

Robert Frost’s The Highway Not Taken brings an significant concept for people’s lifestyle. It tells about a person who faces two lifetime selections but only a single can be picked. He has previously taken just one option but it provides him to regret. He imagined that if he took the other alternative, he may make his lifetime to be different. Even so, what is heading to be discussed at this time is only the very last stanza of this poem.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages as a result:
Two roadways diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the 1 fewer traveled by,
And that has designed all the difference.

The 1st line of the final stanza exhibits that the character on the tale feels that it is challenging to inform about a little something that experienced took place in his lifetime. It would seem like he feels regret about the final decision he has produced.

The second line describes about the time that has been handed by the character on the poem. It is showed from the phrases “ages and ages” which indicate very long time interval of the character’s lifetime.

The third line tells about the two possibilities that an individual faces. The words “diverged in a wood” present that the selections extremely distinct and tough to be passed. On the other hand, only a single option has to be picked.

The fourth line illustrates about a single choice that is taken by the character. He took a person decision that he was actually not really guaranteed about.

The fifth line explains that the selection he has taken produced big difference on his existence. It is not pointed out about what the big difference is, but it seems that a thing horrible arrived to his everyday living because he took the completely wrong choice.

The Road Not Taken indicates that the character on this poem will in no way quit pondering about the other route he could have followed. So, what can be concluded from this poem is that each and every decision we created will figure out what is likely to be occurred in the long run.