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47 Clever Home Upgrades On Amazon That Nobody Will Know Are Cheap AF

That burst of excitement that comes with an upgrade, with knowing that something just got better, is hard to beat. Whether it’s something relatively small like an extra shot of espresso in a latte or big like a bump to first class on a flight, leveling up can be downright exhilarating. Of course, it’s not always feasible — we’re often limited to availability and budget constraints and a whole host of other factors (or, in my case, the number of airline miles I have, and how generous the airline employees are feeling). But sometimes, there’s an upgrade available that’s entirely within reach.

Case in point is this list of clever home upgrades available on Amazon that are all cheap AF, but offer a lot of bang for your buck, as the kids say. Some bring purely aesthetic improvements (I’m practically drooling over the circular vase and modern chandelier), while others bring convenience and comfort (automatic toothpaste dispenser and fluffy throw rug, anyone?). But whatever your reason for purchasing, they’re budget-friendly ways to improve your home, and in some cases, your life. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but when it comes to cozy blankets that help you sleep better or a device that can make a perfect cup of coffee, those can be game-changers, promise.

These Smart Outlets That Are Easy To Set Up & Use

These highly rated smart outlets sync with devices to offer voice control from home or app control from your phone, so you can control electronics from wherever you have a signal. Other features include timers and scheduling options, and the ability to connect to other products from the same brand. And best of all, you get four for under $30.

A New Set Of Handles To Instantly Modernize Your Cupboards & Drawers

Changing the hardware is such a subtle yet effective way to totally upgrade a space. These 5-inch cabinet pulls are elegant and contemporary, fitting in with a variety of home décor styles. They’re offered in black, brass, and nickel finishes, and you can buy a single handle or up to a pack of 60.

This Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser That Will Make You Want To Brush Your Teeth Constantly

A motion-sensor toothpaste dispenser is equal parts form and function — it looks super cool and fancy and also happens to be a really efficient way to load a toothbrush and prevent messes. It allows for one-handed toothpaste application, doesn’t take up counter space, and is easily installed with the included adhesive.

A Grout Pen That Instantly Gives Your Tile A Fresh, New Look

This grout pen uses non-toxic, water-based paint to color and seal over grout for a fresher, cleaner appearance. Both narrow and wide tip options are available, which can cover up to 150 feet of grout lines. Plus, the paint is fast-drying, which means your upgrade is done within a matter of hours.

This Chic Tissue Box Cover To Match Any Room Or Car Interior

A tissue box cover can turn clutter into tasteful décor. This best-selling faux leather option is available in both square and rectangular styles, and in 13 different colors. Plus, the bottom of the cover is open, making for less bulk and easy folding storage.

An Attachable Bidet For A Paper-Saving Bathroom Upgrade

Bidets can be costly, so this attachable bidet is a great choice for those who want the experience and benefits of a bidet but don’t need all the bells and whistles that more expensive versions offer. It’s available in blue and white, or all white, and gives you adjustable water pressure options, too. Plus, all hardware needed for installation is included.

A Luxurious Throw Blanket That’s Also Super Soft

One can never have too many throw blankets, right? This versatile muslin throw blanket is a lovely, year-round addition to a home. It’s available in three neutral colors (grey, tan, and white), and made with 100% cotton. Plus, it’s machine-washable on a gentle cycle.

This Petite Handmade Match Striker That’s Also An Adorable Jar

Matches may not be the most obvious choice in home décor, but this handmade match striker can be a lovely choice to complement a candle. It’s customizable and compact with a striker pad on the bottom. If matches aren’t your thing, it can also hold toothpicks, swabs, or other small items of your choosing.

A Set Of Multipurpose Belly Baskets That Look Smart & Stylish

These coordinating seagrass baskets come in a set of three, and instantly bring cohesiveness to your space. They’re made of woven seaweed and are the perfect places to quickly store items strewn around your home. The best part? They can be used with the handles out or tucked inside for a different look.

These Glass Soap Dispensers With A Timeless Design

A sleek soap dispenser can instantly transform a countertop (especially if it’s replacing one that’s been well-loved). This matching set comes with two glass bottles accented by plastic pumps available in five metallic-inspired tones. They’re completely transparent, giving you a clear view of your soap, lotion, shampoo, dish soap, or other product of your choosing.

This Dual-Purpose Outlet Cover That Takes The Place Of Your Old Bulky Night Lights

These practical light-up outlet covers function as night lights, without taking up outlet space, so they’re available for plugging in other electronics. The illumination comes from a “softly diffused light bar” so the effect is sleek and simple. Reviewers especially appreciated how bright these lights are, and the easy installation process.

A Bamboo Alarm Clock That’s Also A Wireless Charger

This wooden alarm clock has a number of extra features that make it super useful. It also has wireless charging capabilities, so you can simply set your phone on it to charge overnight, instead of taking up additional nightstand space with another cord. The dimmable display shows the time and temperature, and it’s available in three neutral colors.

This Fabric Defuzzer That Can Freshen Up Your Clothes At Home Or On The Go

Get rid of lint and fuzz on your clothes or furniture with this popular, compact fabric defuzzer. It’s available in a battery-operated model that has five different colors to choose from (making it easy to toss in your suitcase or purse), or a sleek black version that’s rechargeable. Each option offers three settings for fabric shaving, and a compartment for easy lint catching and disposal.

This Best-Selling Comforter That’s A Hypoallergenic Alternative To Down

A super cozy comforter can be a game changer for your sleep and for the appearance of your bedroom. This bedspread is offered in eight sizes, from twin all the way up to oversized king, and in a total of 21 different colors and styles, included classic white, pinched pleats, and timeless buffalo plaid.

A Showerhead That Makes Your Bathroom Feel Like A Tropical Rainfall

This luxurious rainfall shower differentiates itself with a wide angle spray as opposed to other versions with less coverage. It’s available in six colors, which all bring a contemporary look to your shower. Installation is easy and quick, and the best part? There’s a maximum water outflow to help you save water, too.

This Minimalist Dish Rack That Works In Sinks & On Countertops

I never expected to covet a dish rack and yet, here we are. This contemporary dish drying rack has a steel frame and wooden handles. It’s sized to fit in most sinks (although, it looks nice on countertops, too). Plus, a resin drip tray is included, along with a removable and dishwasher-safe utensil bin.

A Modern Vase That Makes A Great Gift (For You Or A Lucky Friend)

This ceramic circle-shaped vase is handmade, and brings a modern touch to any space. It’s solid white, and measures roughly 12 inches tall and just over 10 inches wide, making it versatile for counters, end tables, and tabletops.

This Cable Management Box To Keep Your Cord Situation Under Control

I’ve yet to see a way to make tangled cords look cute, so a cable management box is a great idea, imho. This option is roughly 12 inches long and can accommodate a range of power strip shapes and sizes. Plus, the neutral white and wooden lid can suit a variety of spaces.

These Faux Subway Tile Stickers That Look Like The Real Thing

This set of peel-and-stick tiles can bring the iconic look of subway tiles anywhere. Available in two styles (with and without faux grout), these vinyl stickers are designed to work on walls and backsplashes. Each set comes with 10 sheets that measure roughly 12 inches, so plan your DIY projects accordingly.

A Set Of Solar Lights For Patios, Paths & More

Available in warm and cold white light options, these solar lights can be easily installed in yards or on patios to highlight paths, trails, gardens, and more. This 12-pack includes lights with an on/off button, and they’re waterproof so they can handle lots of different climates. One reviewer described them as, “Bling for my yard!”

These Stickers That Give Your Garage Awesome Faux Features

If your plain garage door just isn’t cutting it, I have some good news for you. These all-weather garage door decals give the appearance of windows without costly installations or labor. Four different styles are available, and while each set has slightly different measurements, all are magnetic and easy to apply.

These Touch-Powered Lights To Illuminate Literally Any Corner Of Your Home

These stick-on touch lights can go where full-size or corded lamps can’t. Available in packs of four and five, they also have warm and cool light options. Included adhesive makes them super simple to install, and they’re battery-powered.

A Contemporary Faucet That Makes Your Sink More Elegant & More Efficient

The kitchen sink can be a busy place, so an extra feature like a pull-down faucet can make a big difference in a home. With a brushed nickel finish and a 15-inch spout, this option from RULIA looks chic, and gives you 30 extra inches of reach for washing.

This Gorgeous Chandelier That Will Garner Attention In Any Room

From personal experience, changing a light fixture can be a fairly simple upgrade that makes a huge difference in a room. Case in point; this modern 6-bulb chandelier. It’s available in gold or black metal and while installation takes some effort, according to buyers, the overall effect is stunning. No one will believe you only paid $50.

These Smart Light Switches To Help You Manage Lighting All Throughout Your Home

A far cry from the old school lamps controlled with a clap, these smart light switches take cues from your voice with the help of Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can also control them remotely via a smartphone app. Other features of these switches, which come in a pack of three, include the ability to schedule your lights or set a “random” mode.

A Best-Selling Cold Brew Maker So You Can Make Your Perfect Cup Of Iced Coffee At Home

Coffee lovers often know what we like, so a cold brew maker with thousands of high ratings is worth a second look. This model from TAKEYA comes in one- and two-quart sizes, and with three different color options for the accents; black, white, and stone. Plus, it fits in most fridge doors, has a leak-proof lid, and is dishwasher-safe.

This Utensil Organizer That Won’t Take Up Your Whole Drawer

I was today years old when I found out that silverware organizers aren’t always sized to fit an entire drawer. This tray is less than seven inches wide, so most standard kitchen drawers will have room left over when it’s in use. It holds up to 48 pieces of cutlery and has subtle icon labels for compartments.

A Classic Sheet Set For An Elegant Bedroom & A Good Night’s Sleep

No, really, sometimes your bed can look like the one in the photos. These breathable, 400-thread count cotton sheets are available in eight different sizes with more than 40 colors to choose from. Be warned, there are coordinating duvet covers, too, and everything is machine-washable.

This Compact Drawer You Can Attach To Your Desk Without Any Tools

An under desk drawer lets you can keep pens, pencils, and other small office supplies within reach without taking up precious desk space. All necessary adhesive (which reviewers say is very strong) is on the drawer top already, so you just peel back the cover and place it. Choose from white, silver, or pink.

A Lush Area Rug That Makes Any Floor Soft & Cozy

You had me at “ultra soft.” This area rug, which is available in four versatile sizes, comes in 20 different colors, including neutrals, earth tones, and vibrant primary colors. It has a fluffy faux fur top and nonstick bottom to keep it in place.

This Trio Of Artificial Plants To Spruce Up Your Space Without Any Extra Effort

This set of faux, mini potted plants is modeled after boxwood, eucalyptus, and rosemary. They come display-ready in papier-mâché pots, or you can always slide them into a vase or container of your own if you prefer. Each plant is roughly 8 to 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Reviewers report they’re cute and very realistic.

A Milk Frother To Turn Your Kitchen Into An Upscale Cafe

Zulay’s handheld milk frother makes all your favorite espresso drinks and foamy treats possible at home. It comes in red, black, and silver, and has a sleek, contemporary appearance (but take note, unlike other frothers, it doesn’t come with a stand so you’ll want to set aside room in a drawer). It’s battery-operated, so you’re not limited to the few countertop outlets that most kitchens have.

This Touchless Soap Dispenser With A Waterproof Base

This motion-sensor soap dispenser works just as well as it looks, according to reviews. The stainless steel structure and rubber base make for a durable and sleek combination. Along with an 8-ounce capacity, extra features like soap volume control and an on/off switch help to prevent waste of soap and battery power.

A Stainless Steel Sink Organizer With Space For All Your Dishwashing Essentials

A compact sink caddy and sponge holder is a small addition to a kitchen that can make a big difference. With space for sponges, a drip tray, and holders for larger scrub brushes and soap, all of your essentials are within reach. It’s available in two sizes, or just as a utensil pot, too.

This Versatile Shelf That Makes It Easy To Keep Your Shower Tidy

A floating shower shelf turns a bare wall into useful storage space. This caddy holds more than four pounds of shampoo, soap or anything else you need to keep close in the shower, and it has slots on the lower rack for water drainage. It mounts easily too, and the necessary adhesive is included.

A Popular Wireless Charger That’s Sleek & Subtle

Available in black, navy, and white, Anker’s wireless charger makes USB charging as simple as setting your phone down. Indicator lights keep you informed when it’s working or when the battery’s full (or when there’s an issue). Plus, it can work through even thick phone cases.

This Wireless Doorbell To Customize & Simplify Your Doorbell Situation

If you regularly miss it when someone knocks or rings your bell, a wireless doorbell system may be a quick fix. This particular set has a range of up to 1000 feet, and comes in single and two-pack options, as well as a range of colors (lime green, anyone?). There are more than 50 alarm sounds to pick from, too.

A Bathtub Hair Catcher To Save Your Drains & Your Time

Unlike silicone drain covers, which are rarely subtle, this tub hair catcher simply pops into a standard bathtub drain to catch both human and pet hair. It’s available in six different colors, and no installation is required. Expect to remove it regularly to keep it clean, but know that in the long run, it should prevent clogged drains and costly plumber visits.

A Roll Of Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper That Guests Will Think Is Real Marble

Designed to look just like the real thing, this peel-and-stick marble wallpaper gives surfaces and walls a fresh, luxe look. Four roll sizes are available (so plan ahead where you may want to use it), and you can also remove, reuse, and reposition it, too.

These Motion-Sensor Light Switches That Turn Your Lights On Automatically

Midnight toe stubs are a thing of the past when you have motion sensor light switches. Available in packs of two, four, and six, these switches can automatically turn on lights (and fans) when you enter a room. And once a preset amount of time goes by with no detected movement, they’ll automatically turn off, saving electricity.

These Burner Covers That Make Stove Cleaning A Breeze

If you’re looking for a way to protect your stovetop and burners, look no further than these covers that withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cut them for a custom fit on your stove, and they’re non-stick, making them easy to remove and clean. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe.

A Set Of Stylish House Numbers For An Update With Curb Appeal

Make it easy for guests to find your house, and see that you have great taste ,with these house address numbers in a contemporary font. Each number is five inches high, and you purchase them individually so you won’t be stuck with unnecessary extra numbers. Templates are included for easy installation, too.

These Sleek Shelf Dividers That Make Your Closets Look Amazing

Turn your closet into a high-end boutique (or at least, pretend), with a set of acrylic shelf dividers. Transparent and versatile, they measure eight inches high and 12 inches deep. They’re offered in packs of two, four, six, and eight, and no installation or mounting is required; they simply slide onto your shelf.

A Versatile Chalk Paint To Create A Variety Of Interior Design Effects

Few things can update a space the way a fresh coat of paint can, and Rust-Oleum’s chalk paint is a popular pick. It comes in nine colors, plus top coat and glazed options, or you can also go for a distressed look with sanding. Not only that, it dries quickly, and has one-coat coverage.

This Highly-Ranked Shower Curtain With Waffle Texture

A classic white shower curtain can make your bathroom feel like your favorite hotel. This cute one has a waffle weave texture, and it’s available in three sizes (or four other neutral colors, if white isn’t your style). It’s machine-washable, and has grommets for twelve hooks.

A Chic Floor Mat To Bring A Spa Experience To Your Home Bathroom

This foldable bamboo floor mat brings texture and style to your bathroom floor, or it can double as a floor mat for doorways, too. The bamboo material is waterproof, and the mat itself is slip-resistant thanks to installed pads on the bottom.

This Pair Of Plug-In Wall Sconces That Will Look Cute In Nearly Any Room

Achieve the sleek look of wall sconces without the hassle of full electrical installation. This set of plug-in sconces comes with two lamps, each of which has an adjustable, rotating head. The necessary hardware for installation is included, as are six-foot power cords, giving you flexibility with placement.