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45 DIY Home Upgrades Under $30 Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With

When I was a kid, I would park myself in front of the TV and watch hours of home improvement shows. Now that I’m an adult, I still love watching strangers redesign their homes — and it inspires me to make changes to my own living space. But I’m on a much tighter budget than the people on those shows, and I’m definitely not a professional renovator or designer. What’s a homebody to do?

Amazon may not seem like your first destination for home improvement, but trust me, inspiration abounds if you know where to look for it. There are tons of sub-$30 DIY projects you can get on Amazon, and most are even renter-friendly. There’s something for every skill level on this list — no one needs a degree in engineering to be a DIY master. A free afternoon, and for some projects, another pair of helping hands, is all you need.

Are you the gardening type? Spend some time re-potting your houseplants into these sophisticated marble pots. Or perhaps you prefer to unwind with a glass of wine–try installing this shelving unit just for wine glasses. No matter your lifestyle, your taste, or what kind of space you live in, give one of these 45 home upgrades a try. It might solve a problem, or it might just make your home feel that much more personal.

Go ahead and shop your new favorite home upgrades from this list.


This Budget-Friendly Shower Head With Different Water Pressures

Does the water pressure in your bathroom feel more like a drizzle than a shower? Install the Hydroluxe shower head, which has both a traditional shower head and a handheld faucet with a 5-foot hose and 24 water flow patterns. Don’t be intimidated by this project — the company promises a tool-free installation and it comes with a 10 year limited warranty.


This Marble Contact Paper To Give Your Counters A Face Lift

Replacing your dated countertops is expensive, time-consuming, and pretty hard to DIY–but covering them with adhesive marble contact paper is the low-cost, low-effort solution. You can use this contact paper on any dry, flat surface — like your kitchen or bathroom, a desk, dresser, vanity, shelf–even your floor. Sheets come in a variety of sizes, so measure your space carefully to make sure you order the appropriate amount. All edges are designed to line up cohesively, and at less than $10, you won’t feel bad about using as many as you need to get the job done.


The Magnetic, Decorative Hinges To Your Garage Door For A Vintage Look

Adding these antique decorative hinges to your garage door will add visual interest to your home and gives it more curb appeal. There’s hardly any work required for this project: The “hinges” are purely decorative and stick soundly to your garage with magnets, so simply play around with placement until you’re satisfied with the look. Check out the photos in the reviews to see how other Amazon customers arranged theirs.


This Highly Effective Tap Filter To Save Money On Bottled Water

Install this Brita faucet water filter for peace of mind and better tasting water. It filters out 99% of lead, as well as asbestos, particulates, chlorine, and more. It’s easy to install, and all you need to do for upkeep is replace the filter a few times a year. The money you save on bottled water will make this inexpensive filter even more worth it.


This Window Film That Makes Rainbows In Your Home While Keeping It Private

In my last apartment, one of my windows looked directly into my neighbor’s bedroom. Rather than keeping the blinds closed 24/7, I wish I’d known about these rainbow privacy window films that keep onlookers out without blocking sunlight. They create a rainbow visual effect when sunlight streams through the window and helps keep you protected from UVA and UVB rays while partially obscuring the view from outside. They’re easy to install, cheaper than privacy glass, and work great for apartment complexes, offices, entryways, and more.


These Blackout Curtains In Your Bedroom To Dim The Room

These blackout curtains are a must-have for night shift workers, nurseries, and more. Choose from one of the 20 colors and 12 sizes to complement your space, slip them onto a curtain rod, and get to snoozing uninterrupted. They’ll block out sunlight and help reduce loss of energy in your home, saving you money on your electric bill.


These Small Push Lights Are 100% Wireless & Can Be Stuck Anywhere

Stick one of these battery powered push lights anywhere you need a little extra illumination, like in your closet, inside a drawer, or underneath your cabinets. They turn on with a tap of your finger and create a soft, warm light that lasts up to 50 hours. A strong adhesive keeps it stuck to the surface, and the light itself is about the size of a hockey puck so it truly fits anywhere.


This Color-Changing Lightbulb That You Can Control With Your Phone

A change in lighting can turn your home into a romantic restaurant, dance club, or serene studio. Using the accompanying app, change the color and brightness of your Govee LED lightbulb, and transform the room to match the vibe. It’s capable of setting timers and syncing lights to music, and has sunrise and sunset modes to support your sleep habits.


This Plug-In Dimmer That Works With Basically Any Lamp

Any lamp in your home becomes dimmable using the Lutron credenza plug-in light dimmer. Compatible with 300-watt halogen or incandescent bulbs, simply plug in your light source to the dimmer and use the slider to adjust the brightness. It’s a great way to set an ambient mood or make a bright light a bit less intense.


These Smart Plugs For Voice Control Of All Your Electronics

If you have Alexa or Google Home devices in your home already, then you need to invest in some Kasa smart plugs. They link to your devices and allow you to control your electronics with your voice, meaning you’ll never need to get up to adjust the lights, turn on a fan, or shut off the TV unless you want to. You can even set timers and countdowns to automatically turn your electronics on and off throughout the day. This is also one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your home; literally all that’s required for set up is plugging them into an outlet and following the instructions in the Kasa app.


This Toilet Paper Holder That Has A Built-In Spot For Your Phone

It’s 2021. Let’s stop pretending we don’t take our phones everywhere, including the bathroom. Instead, replace your toilet paper roll holder with this one from SimpleHouseware that gives you a safe spot for your device while you’re doing your business. It holds up to three rolls of toilet paper so you’ll never run out in your time of need, and it’s free-standing so it’ll work in just about any bathroom.


This Screw-Free Wall Mount That Helps You Organize Your Remotes

Recently, the small remote that controls the speaker connected to my family’s TV went missing — and in spite of our best efforts, it took a month for it to reappear. After that incident, I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to convince them to invest in this TotalMount remote holder, which sticks to the wall with adhesive strips and creates an organized spot just for remotes. It measure 7.4 inches across, and conveniently holds three to four remotes — perfect for disorganized households where the remote is never where you need it.


This Tool That Catches Hairs Before They Clog Your Shower Drain

This may not be the most appealing home project you can tackle, but investing in a TubShroom hair catcher will save you money in plumbers visits in the long run. It will catch hair and prevent your shower drain from becoming clogged without blocking the flow of water. Hair wraps neatly around the cylinder, so to clean, simply lift it out of the drain and discard the hair.


This Special Kit That Helps You Repair Scratched Wood

Use this SEISSO wood repair kit to fill in bumps and scratches on wood furniture, floors, trim, cabinets, and more. It comes in 12 colors, which can be mixed together to make the perfect match for your item. Simply squeeze a bit of the solution into the offending scratch, smooth it out with the tail of the bottle, and allow it to dry. For larger abrasions, grab a paint brush and spread the solution over the entire area.


This Durable Fabric Liner That’ll Help Protect Your Drawers

Lining the inside of your drawers with Gorilla Grip drawer and shelf liner will help protect them from scratches and make them easier to clean. Simply measure the surface you’re lining, and then cut off a piece of liner to match. A 12-by-20-inch roll of liner is less than $20, and they come in a wide variety of colors so you can match or contrast with your drawers and shelves.


These Outdoor Lights That Are *Exactly* What You Need For Summer Gatherings

Give your yard a little romantic lighting with these Brightown outdoor string lights. Each strand is 25 feet long and has 27 waterproof Edison-shaped bulbs — perfect for al fresco dinners, parties, weddings, and more. Choose from a black, green or white cord to best match the decor in your home, and string up to three strands together for warm and inviting lighting.


This Can Organizer That’ll Help You Organize Your Pantry

If your kitchen pantry is looking a little congested, start by organizing your canned goods in this stackable can rack organizer by SimpleHouseware. It holds up to 36 cans and jars in neatly-divided sections, so you can see and easily access all your food. It assembles easily without tools, and you can even purchase multiple organizers and stack them for additional storage.


This Lazy Susan Turntable That’ll Maximize Your Cabinets

This lazy Susan has just as much use in your pantry as it does in your cleaning closet. Use it to organize your frequently-used food items — like spices, sauces, and baking supplies — and rotate to find exactly what you’re looking for. Same goes for cleaning supplies: Using this turntable will keep them neatly organized and accessible underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink. It measures 12 inches across and has a nonskid surface so even slippery items won’t go flying as it turns.


This Smart Door Opener To Secure Your Garage With

If you’ve ever pulled out of the driveway only to ask yourself if you’ve closer the garage, then you absolutely need to install a myQ smart garage door opener. Once the device is set up, you’re connected at all times via the myQ app and can open and shut your garage door from anywhere and get real-time notifications of any activity. With the device you’re also eligible for Key by Amazon, which allows Amazon delivery drivers to securely drop off packages in your garage while you’re away.


These Solar Powered Fairy Lights To Decorate Your Backyard With

Light up the night with a pack of solar powered string lights, which are available in five different colors. Each string light is 33 feet long with a flexible copper wire — perfect for wrapping around a fence, tree, banister, or wall. Simply keep the attached solar panel in the sun, and set it to auto mode so it powers on and off automatically.


This Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder To Maximize Your Counter Space

No counter space? No problem — this wall mounted toothbrush holder has enough space for all your bathroom essentials. There are four dust-proof toothbrush slots, an automatic toothbrush dispenser, cup holders, and even a shelf and drawer for cosmetic storage. The entire thing is easy to take apart and keep clean, and it secures to the wall or mirror with a strong adhesive — aka no nails or hooks in your walls. Amazon customers love it — and one reviewer even called it “an organizer’s dream.”


This Waterproof Plug To Keep Your Outdoor Lights On A Timer

Simplify your life and save money on your electric bill by installing this waterproof outdoor outlet with a built-in timer. It can handle up to three plugs, and it automatically senses dusk and dawn and turns your electronics on or off. It’s perfect for outdoor lights, holiday decorations, and other gadgets that you don’t want running nonstop. You can also set schedules using the included remote so they turn off automatically after a certain amount of time.


This Versatile Kitchen Rack To Keep Your Boxes Organized With

Keeping your plastic bags, plastic wrap and other food storage boxes organized is easy with this wrap-organizing rack. It has eight wire shelves that can each store two boxes of bags, wrap, or foil. By facing the box out, it also functions as a dispenser. It’ll help you easily see what you’re working with and keep your pantry in order.


This Indoor Video Camera That Gives You Peace Of Mind While Out & About

Keeping your home secure — or just keeping an eye on your pets — is no longer a full-time job with the ARENTI indoor security camera. This motion-detecting camera gives you a high-quality video feed of your home and sends notifications to your phone whenever movement or abnormal sound is detected. The camera automatically turns off when your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network, and it’s even compatible with Alexa and Google Home devices so you can control it with your voice.


These Flameless Candles Set The Mood Without Actual Fire

These flameless LED candles are the way to go for those with ambiance and safety in mind. They flicker realistically and cast a soft, warm light, all controlled by a remote with a timer. There’s no need to worry about dripping wax, smoke, children or pets bumping into them or forgetting to blow them out at the end of the night. One set includes three candles, a remote, and a user manual for setup.


These Wraparound Lights Turn Any Mirror Into An Elegant Vanity Table

Transform any desk into your very own Hollywood-style vanity using these wrap-around LED mirror lights. Not every bathroom is blessed with bright, cool lighting — but these lights give you the perfect setup for makeup application. They’re 10 feet long and attach easily to your mirror with stickers, and they can even be dimmed with the included smart touch dimmer.


A Bamboo Drawer Organizer You Can Use In Any Room

There are so many possibilities for this expandable bamboo drawer organizer, from your cutlery drawer to your dresser. It expands from 13 inches up to 19.6 inches to fit your space and can be used for anything from silverware to accessories to office supplies. Having your items sorted in this organizer means you can easily transfer them from drawer to drawer, and you’ll never have to dig through chaotic piles to find what you’re looking for.


This Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder Keeps Sharp Objects Secure & Easy To Access

Free up counter space and make your kitchen look more professional with this sleek stainless steel magnetic knife holder. The powerful wall-mounted magnet helps keep utensils high up, yet easy to access while cooking — and it can be used in your kitchen, workshop, or even craft room. You can attach it to a refrigerator, wall, or tile backsplash to maximize storage.


This Set Of Chic Hanging Mirrors That Add Visual Interest To Any Space

You may have heard that a well-placed mirror can make small rooms look deceptively bigger. This three-piece set of diamond-shaped hanging mirrors are eye-catching and small enough to work in any space, like an entryway, bedroom, or living room. The back side is velvet to help prevent scratches to your walls, and each mirror has an eight inch chain that you can hang just about anywhere.


A Soap, Shampoo, & Conditioner Dispenser To Make Your Shower Fancier

Make your morning shower feel like you’re staying in a hotel by installing this three-chamber soap dispenser. With slots for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash — it’s perfect for showers that lack built-in storage. Easily mount it to the wall using the ultra-strong adhesive included in the package, and remove the lid to fill with your favorite bathroom products.


This Versatile Ottoman With Hidden Storage

Living room seating that secretly doubles as storage? Sign me up. The lid of this leather ottoman lifts to make a box — perfect for toys, games, extra blankets, or whatever else you’d like to keep tucked out of sight. It also makes a great footrest or stool for entertaining or relaxing at home, thanks to the padded lid.


These Handy Covers Prevent Food Spills Between Your Stovetop & Counter

I shudder to think of how many times I’ve dropped food in that annoying gap between the stove and countertop in my kitchen. These silicone stove gap covers prevent that from happening, so you’ll never have to bother with pulling your oven away from the wall to clean spills again. A two-pack is less than $11, and you can easily cut them to fit your stovetop perfectly.


This Compact Surge Protector With Built-In USB Ports

In rooms that lack convenient outlets, you need to maximize each one in a sleek and safe way. Enter the POWRUI USB surge protector, which triples the number of plugs each outlet can accommodate. It plugs in right over the existing outlet and can hold up to six three-prong plugs, plus two USB chargers. This is perfect for an entertainment center or office where you need lots of devices plugged in at once without the bulk or extra cords of a power strip. It even doubles as a nightlight.


An Organizer For Pans That Keeps Them Organized & Easy To Find

There’s simply a better way to store pans than stacking them to make a leaning pile of cookware. Try the SimpleHouseware pan organizer rack, which can hold up to five pans and lids neatly organized in their own slots. It’s sturdy enough for even heavy cast iron pans, and can stand vertically or horizontally to accommodate your space.


This Hanging Mug Holder Lets You Show Off Your Favorite Mugs

Mug collectors will enjoy showing off their selection using this hanging coffee mug holder. It slides right over a cabinet shelf and can hold up to 10 mugs. Tuck it inside a cabinet to keep them out of sight, or hang from the bottom shelf and let visitors admire your collection.


A Wall-Mounted Holder To Keep Your Hair Tools Organized & Out Of The Way

Hair styling tools can be an absolute nightmare to keep organized. After installing this wall mounted hair tool holder, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It has three different styles of storage for straighteners, hair dryers, and other tools, and it’s made of a heat-resistant material so they can cool down. It also comes with all the hardware you need to mount it to the wall and can accommodate most styles of tools.


These Shelves That Keep Your Wine (& Wine Glasses) In Plain Sight

Keep your friends close, and your wine glass even closer with these wall-mounted wine shelves. With slots for five glasses and room on the top shelf for a bottle, corkscrew and more, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your favorite vintage. I recommend mounting it to the wall above a bar cart or in the kitchen, but the installation process makes it easy to hang wherever you want.


An Insert That Will Extend The Life Of Your Sagging Couch

Not ready to part with your beloved couch that’s beginning to sag? Pick up these couch cushion supports and slip them underneath your cushions to restore and lift your couch or loveseat. They’re made of a heavy-duty wood that’s 60% thicker than competitor products, but they won’t impact the comfort of your couch. In other words, you’ll extend the life of your couch without the investment of a heavy-duty repair or replacement.


An Affordable Comforter So Cozy You Can Use It Year-Round

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a freshly-cleaned and fluffy comforter. This Bedsure comforter is an affordable upgrade, with a hypoallergenic down alternative fill and box stitching to prevent clumping. The microfiber fabric has just enough warmth for year-round use, and it comes in eight machine washable colors for easy care.


This Set of Chic Marble Flower Pots That Are Perfect For Houseplants

I take great pride in my growing houseplant collection, and I love to show them off in cute containers like these marble and gold flower pots. They’re made of a high quality, hand-glazed clay that would easily fit two small plants. Unlike many decorative pots, these actually have a drainage hole, so your plants will love them as much as you do.


A Padded Kitchen Floor Mat To Help Support Your Posture

Spending hours on your feet while cooking and cleaning can really do a number on your body. Try this anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat, which is ergonomically engineered from a thick gel foam to help support your feet and improve your circulation as well as your posture. It measures 28 by 17.3 inches and can be used anywhere you spend lots of time standing: by the kitchen sink, in the laundry room, next to a standing desk, and more. Your feet and back will thank you.


This Humidifier That’s Like Moisturizer For Your Home — Only Better

Folks from all climates can benefit from buying an AquaOasis humidifier, a small but mighty machine that puts moisture back into the air. It’s highly effective and operates for over 24 hours unattended, and even automatically shuts off before the tank runs out of water. One reviewer described how it cured her toddler’s chronic cough and soothed her dry skin and eyes, all while barely making a sound.


This Personal-Sized Fan You Can Bring Around Your House

When heat waves come, you’ll wish you had a Honeywell personal table fan. The compact 13-inch fan packs a big punch and helps circulate air throughout your home — even if you already have air conditioning. It’s great for small spaces and also quiet, so even if you place it in a central location, you’ll barely notice the sound. Stock up now before you need it.


This Memory Foam Pillow To Make Your Bedroom Cozier

The details really matter when it comes to bedding. These Dream Rite memory foam pillows look like, well, a dream: They have a shredded memory foam fill that gives you the support of memory foam with the comfort of down pillows. The bamboo-derived cover is cool and breathable, as well as hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. You’ll be in your REM cycle before you can say “add to cart.”