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42 Clever Things That’ll Help You Organize A Sh*t Ton Of Stuff

The whole idea of minimalism gets a lot of credit while talking about organizing — but sometimes, it’s not about getting rid of your belongings, but having the right products to store them. I’m not a professional organizer or anything, but I do like to follow them on Instagram, and if I’ve learned anything from my scrolling, it’s that containers and bins and labels can go a long way. Plus, the old adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” is actually pretty legit (and yes, I know I quoted Ben Franklin. It’s true, though).

If you don’t know where to begin — or perhaps you’ve already gotten a good start and are just looking for next steps — this list of clever things will help you organize a sh*t ton of stuff. Some of the products listed are specific (hair tool holder or purse organizer, anyone?), while others are more practical and versatile (bins! all the bins!). I’m not a tidy person by nature, but this selection of products has me more motivated than usual. So if anyone needs me, I’ll be going through my bathroom drawers and organizing my hair ties.


This Cutlery Organizer That Takes Up Only Half A Drawer

Turns out, silverware holders don’t have to take up the entire drawer. This cutlery organizer — which comes in grey or blue — holds up to 48 pieces of silverware and uses a fraction of the space. It fits in drawers that are a minimum of 3.25 inches deep, and a second style with additional compartments is also available.


A Pack Of Shelf Dividers To Make Your Closet Look Pristine

If you like to pretend that your closet is a high-end boutique, these acrylic shelf dividers might be your new best friends. They slide right on, so no tricky installation is required — and they turn your open shelves in customizable sections. They’re available in packs of two, four, or six.


These Slide-Out Baskets To Upgrade That Cabinet Under Your Sink

These two-tiered organizers are more than just baskets. They slide out like drawers and have handles to make them super easy to grip. Plus, they come with adjustable dividers which, along with the front, have dry-erase friendly spots for labeling. They work great in cabinets, under sinks, or for office supplies.


This Set Of Drawer Organizers That Has A Spot For Everything

This dresser drawer organizer is sized perfectly for underwear, bras, and other intimate apparel. Four different dividers come in the set, and each has differently sized compartments that you can use together or spread out in different drawers. Seven colors are available, including neutrals and pastel options.


A Broom Holder That You’ll Actually Want To Fill With Cleaning Tools

This broom holder and hanger can hold up to 35 pounds of weight, which translates to multiple brooms, mops, rakes, and more. Five slots with spring-loaded clamps keep handled tools secure, while six hooks accommodate hanging items. It can work indoors or outdoors, and all hardware for mounting is included.


This Lazy Susan For Some Low-Effort Organizing

This 12-inch lazy Susan turns any countertop into a designated station for items of your choice, and works great for condiments, craft supplies, coffee accessories, and more. It turns smoothly, according to reviewers, and has a slightly raised edge to keep everything in place. Seven different colors are available.


These Hangers That Hold Four Pairs Of Pants Instead Of One

If you’re short on space or simply prefer a neat and tidy closet, then you might want to add these pants hangers to your cart. Made of durable stainless steel, each hanger has five bars to accommodate five pairs of pants. They’re available in a plain silver metal options (or with a black rubber coating).


A Slim Storage Cart That Makes The Most Out Of Small Spaces

Who among us doesn’t appreciate a tiered storage cart? Unlike other similar options out there, this versatile wheeled version is just over 5 inches wide, so it can comfortably fit in narrow spaces and maximize your storage options. It’s available in white, grey, or black and is easy to put together, according to buyers.


An Organizer For Pots & Pans So You Never Again Have To Make A Racket When You Search

Available in bronze and chrome, this pan rack holds up to five pieces of cookware, saving you space and time, and keeping your pans safe from scratches when not in use. It gives you the option of vertical or horizontal storage, and you can screw it in place with included hardware or use it freestanding.


A 3-Tiered Cabinet Shelf So Your Home Feels Like A Store Display

This best-selling cabinet organizer works great for spices, beauty and skincare, craft supplies, snacks, and more. It’s available in 10- and 15-inch options, and there are multiple colors to choose from. Plus, the underside is fitted with liners to so it doesn’t slip out of place.


These Transparent Bins That Show You Everything In Side Of Them

These fan favorite, highly-reviewed clear plastic storage bins are low-key the MVPs of organizing. They come in five versatile sizes, each of which includes raised edges and handles. The best parts? They come in packages of four — and they’re stackable, so you can use them together or separately.


A Set Of Bamboo Drawer Dividers So Everything Stays In Place

These bamboo dividers allow you to create the drawers of your dreams. They’re adjustable from 12.25 inches up to 17.25 inches, and they come in sets of four. The natural bamboo material is versatile and fits in well with a number of décor styles. They’re meant for kitchens, but they also work will in desks, dressers, and bathrooms.


An Hanging Shelf Basket That Literally Creates Storage Space Out Of Thin Air

These clever under-shelf storage baskets come in four different sizes ranging from 10 inches up to 17 inches. No tricky installation is required since they simply slide into position on your shelves — and they can hold mail, snacks, office supplies, and more. They’re made of metal coated in white paint, so they look casual and neutral in most settings.


These Versatile Grid Shelves That Snap Together

These modular storage cubes come in black and white, and they click together without any tools. Each compartment is 14 by 14 inches, and they can be configured in a number of ways. Sets of four or six cubes are available, and you can use multiple sets together to make a full storage system in your home.


These Canned Drink Holders That’ll Make You Feel Organized Every Time You Look In Your Fridge

No more searching and wondering if there’s another can hiding behind the milk, since this drink dispenser holds and displays all your favorites. Sized for nine full-sized cans, you can buy them in a set of two, four, or six. Plus, it’s made of durable BPA-plastic.


This Clutch Organizer For Keys, Mail & Other Necessities

This practical and functional wall-mounted organizer is available in nine different colors, including a pretty light purple and a soft mint green. The main basket compartment measures just under 11 inches, and five spaced hooks are attached below for hanging. It comes with all necessary hardware for mounting, too, which many reviewers say is super easy.


A Shelf Designed To Fit Your Entire Collection of Water Bottles

Have you ever knocked over a water bottle in your shelf and then had a bunch of others fall over like dominoes? This water bottle organizer saves that from happening again. It comes in four sizes, so you can store between six and twelve bottles. Travel mugs and baby bottles fit, too.


A Sink Caddy To Cut Clutter In Your Kitchen

This stainless steel organizer has room for all your dishwashing needs. There are two sizes available, with compartments that are perfect for dish soap and brushes, plus a tray for sponges to drain. The pieces easily come apart for easy washing and draining, and the angled base collects water subtly and cleanly.


This Acrylic Organizer For All Of Your Makeup Necessities

If your makeup collection is starting to overpower your countertop, this clear organizer may be just what you need. The transparent acrylic is contemporary and sleek, and it makes a practical and pretty display of your brushes and bottles. Even better, the top section can separate from the drawer base, giving you plenty of options. It also works for office supplies and crafts.


A Set Of All-Around Leakproof Containers With Lids

Food storage containers are a must-have in the kitchen, and tried-and-true set like this one from Rubbermaid is a great choice. They’re leakproof, made of BPA-free plastic, and are totally clear so you can always see what’s inside. A range of sizes and sets are available, and they’re dishwasher and freezer-safe, too.


The Perfectly Shaped Wicker Basket That You Can Use In Any Room Of Your Home

Available in small, medium, and large sizes — and in traditional wicker or with black stripes — this woven belly basket is decorative and practical. It works great in one place as decor or home storage, or can be used for groceries or a beach day (thanks to the easy handles that fold in or out), depending on your needs.


These Clear Organizer Trays To Keep Your Drawers Looking Amazing

With 25 pieces in each set and a range of shapes and sizes, these drawer organizer trays provide you with nearly endless configurations. They work in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, and they come with adhesive silicone dots to keep them in place and prevent sliding and shifting. Plus, they’re stackable.


This Set Of Cable Holders To Prevent Tangling & Dangling Cords

These silicone cable organizers come in a pack of four — with two five-slot clips and two three-slot clips — for a total of 16 cords you can now keep at bay. The silicone is gentle on cords and comes with adhesive already attached, so installation is as simple as peeling the sticker back and choosing your spot.


These Clothing Bags For Seasonal Swaps & Long-Term Storage

Available in black, grey, and blue (and in sets of three or six), these clothing storage bags fit plenty of sweaters, thick jackets, or even blankets, towels, and comforters. Each bag has a zipper closure, along with a clear window to see what’s inside. And, when they’re not in use, they fold down and can be easily tucked away.


This Hanging Trunk Organizer To Make Space In The Back Of Your Car

This practical car trunk organizer has two rows of bags and pouches to contain any gadgets and gear you want to keep on hand when driving and traveling. It comes in grey as well as black, and it simply straps onto the back of your car seat, making for quick and easy installation.


A Folding Trunk Organizer That’s Ready When You Need It (But Easily Stores When You Don’t)

Unlike many options that hang in your car, this foldable trunk organizer can be easily lifted in and out thanks to the handles on each side. Styles with two and three compartments are available, both of which also offer outside pouches. It comes in black, grey, and blue.


This Rolling Cart You’ll Find So Many Uses For

Be warned, there are so many ways to use this tiered metal rolling cart that you may find yourself buying multiples. This one measures 32 inches high (including wheels), and it has three trays with gridded bottoms. It also comes in five colors, including red and turquoise.


A Set Of Food Storage Containers With Chalkboard Labels

Unlike a number of other bin sets, this one offers 12 containers in the same size. These food storage bins are transparent and have snap-on lids that come in three colors (blue, black, and yellow). The best part? Reusable chalkboard labels are included, too.


This Hanging Organizer To Spruce Up Your Closet

A hanging closet organizer that’s super versatile? Yes, please. The included metal hooks hang over standard closet rods, turning hanging space into functional shelves. It comes in beige and grey, and it measures just under 34 inches high with three separate, 12-inch compartments (plus a drawer and a side pouch).


A Folding Board That Makes It Easy To Store Clothes Like A Fancy Boutique

For anyone else out there who’s a bit clumsy when it comes to folds and creases, this fan-favorite shirt-folding board may be your new favorite product. It comes in four different colors so that it’s easy to spot in your closet (or wherever you keep it), and it makes putting away laundry a breeze.


These Packing Cubes That Turn Your Suitcase Into Organized Bliss

If your bags are chaotic when you travel (no judgment), then you may want to take note. These packing cubes allow you to sort and section your suitcase however you see fit. Each set comes with six zipping bags — two small, two large, one medium — and one shoe bag. There are a range of colors to choose from.


A Pack Of Strong Hooks For All Your Garage-Hanging Needs

A set of durable and strong U-shaped garage hooks like these can be a total game changer, especially when it comes to getting bulky things like bikes and bins off your floor. They’re offered in packs of two, four, or six, and in sizes ranging from 3 to 10 inches. Weight limits range from 25 to 75 pounds.


This Tiered Bamboo Shoe Shelf That Keeps Pairs Together

If you’re short on space, a tiered shoe rack and bench allows you to store multiple pairs of shoes (and provides seating, too). The sturdy bamboo works well with most interior design styles, and holds up to 300 pounds of weight. Color choices are black, brown, and natural bamboo.


A Cupboard Shelf For Storing & Stacking

This classic cabinet shelf is super practical, and it can work in cupboards as well as closets throughout your home. Available in white or chrome, it measures just over 16 inches long. It’s made with coated steel and has extra rubber on the legs to keep it secure.


These Geometric Drawer Organizers That Are Perfect For Socks & Underwear

Hexagons may not be the most obvious choice in home organization, but these drawer organizers with honeycomb-style compartments work with a range of small clothes and accessories like socks, underwear, bras and scarves, or craft and office supplies. They come in sets of two, four, or eight, and are super easy to set up, according to buyers.


This Clever Way To Store Hats & Keep Them Together

This cap organizer attaches to the hanger of your choice and holds up to ten hats. It uses clips, so hats don’t need a loop or hook to hang — and you can actually add socks, scarves or other garments, too. You can buy a single organizer or a pack of two, three, or four.


A Purse Organizer That Means You Never Have To Dig For Keys (Or Anything Else) Again

If you can never find a purse with enough pockets, you may want to consider a purse organizer. This one, made of versatile felt, comes in multiple sizes and 13 different color options (single and two-tone). A total of 13 pouches and compartments — including a zipper pocket — give you space for everything.


These Car Seat Hangers That Keep Everything Right Within Reach

Why don’t headrest hooks just come on all cars? Until that happens, you can buy them in packs of two. They come in black and beige, and hold up to 18 pounds per hook. They’re great for shopping bags, clothes, purses, totes, school bags, and more.


A Hanging Cabinet Bin That Requires No Tools Or Installation

An over-the-door metal cabinet basket is an easy, no-hassle way to create space in your kitchen or bathroom. Made with durable steel that works with any color scheme, it’s perfect for cutting boards, slim pans, and other narrow gadgets. It does come with hardware, too, giving you options if you prefer to mount in stead of hang.


This Brilliant Basket That Turns Your Towel Rack Into Hair Tool Storage

This hair tool organizer comfortably holds a dryer and two styling wands, so you can keep everything you need right within reach. It can hang from a towel rack or stand up on a countertop — and it comes in five different colors. It’s also made of heat-resistant mesh and silicone and features a rear storage area for cords.


A Drawer For Your Fridge That Adds Just The Right Amount Of Extra Space

This transparent plastic fridge drawer is perfectly sized to fit 20 eggs, but don’t let that limit you: It also works well for cheese, lunch meat, and more. The best part? You can attach it it to most standard fridge shelves (as long as there’s no slant or curve) without any tools needed.


This Label Maker That’s The Real MVP For Your Organizing Needs

Almost any container can be elevated to an organizer when it’s labeled. A standard label maker like this handheld version from DYMO means you can make and print sticker labels in seconds. It’s portable and battery-operated so you can use it anywhere, and you’ve got various options for font size and print styles.